Help ! 100% yak is badly itchy

Hello friends
I just got a pure yak wool shawl and its really itchy…
Please help me how to get rid of the problem.

I’ve no experience with yak yarn but I think I might try soaking it in water with hair conditioner. I’m sure it’s very expensive so I’d do some research about it first.

Have you tried washing it according to the label directions? Use a good wool wash like Soak or Euclan and see if that helps. If not very dilute hair conditioner as GG suggested might help.

I have soaked it in normal water with baby shampoo , later in vinegar mixed water lastly in hair conditioner mixed (80 ml in 8 lit water ) water. Though it is little more silky now with pleasant smeell but itchy too ( little less than precious ) .
Now please help me what to do .

Could you line the shawl with a light material, a silk or light jersey?

I’d go for the lining option. I’m a bit surprised cos I’ve made a shawl with 100% laceweight yak and it wasn’t at all itchy. Good luck!

But it is little heavy handwoven gents shawl (2.7m x 1.35m , aprrox 800 gm ) .
Any suggestion to make it less itchy , at least usable on cotton thermal .

You can try some of the above methods, but personally I don’t find that anything really helps to make a yarn not itchy to me. I’ve tried many different yarns/fibers and while I can knit with them (I’m not allergic) I just have to accept I can’t wear them. Hope something works for you.

I got an idea to apply on it . Luffa sponge is applied on the Cashmere shawls during the finishing in Kashmir. Later it is washed in Ritha ( soap nut ) .Luffa sponge smooths it . Do not know how it is used .
If anyone know about it , may help me.