Helmet Liner Knit Along

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone would like to join me in a helmet liner knitalong.

There are so many reasons to join! With your finished helmet liner, you could:

a) Send it directly to the collection address on the instructions page to get donated to one of our soldiers.

b) Send it to your local charity.

c) Give it to someone you know who is returning to combat.

d) Send it in to Stitch for Senate, a knitters’ movement of nonviolent protest/display (from what I gather) of our supporting the troops and/or being against the war. The goal is to have one helmetliner per US Senator.

e) Give it to someone who could use it in the cold weather - your mailman, a significant other, the guy from University public safety whose job it is to stand on the street corner for 3 hours to make sure nobody gets mugged, to the homeless guy freezing on the street.

Me, personally, I’m interested in fulfilling all 4 of these goals. I made one for my bf who rides his bike in the cold, I plan on making a set of about 8-10 to give to the bike couriers that he used to work with (and with whom we are both still great friends) as a holiday gift next season since I probably couldn’t finish them before it gets warm again.

In the meantime, the next few that I make will probably go directly to the collection center to donate to soldiers, I will make a few to give to someone I’m taking classes with who will be returning soon after the end of the semester. And I hope to finish one for Stitch for Senate, though both of my state’s senators already have been “claimed.”

So, I’ll be making a gazillion of these if anyone would like to join me, you’ll need 2 pairs of circs (5 and 7 or 6 and 8), soft WOOL yarn in worsted weight brown, olive drab or black. Absolutely no acrylic because they will melt to the skin!