Don’t anyone laugh, but I live in Hawaii, and I knit, in the land of crochet leis and strictly eyelash yarn. Thank goodness for the Internet! I am hoping there is some other Hawaii knitters out there for a hang-out-and-knit group because I feel all alone out here!

If I can come visit, I’ll knit with you!!!


Which island? I’ve been to the Big Island, Maui, and the Garden Island (friends live there), and almost made it to Molokai, but the day we were scheduled to go, it was too windy to land there<sigh>

Enjoyed our 14 days immensely!


I live on Oahu, in Kailua, which is a small town north and over the mountains from Honolulu. We are on the Windward side, so we get a chilly breeze at night in the “winter”, hence my rationalization for knitting sweaters!
You have been to more islands than I have! I have only been to the Big Island and Kauai. I take my whole class to the Big Island every year; it is part of our fourth grade Hawaiian studies curriculum. Not a bad job, if you don’t mind hanging out with a bunch of nine-year-olds! This year maybe I will teach them to knit for the bus rides!

Aloha, Jen!

I grew up in Aina Haina but like many locals, have moved to the mainland and now live in Mass. I went to Kamehameha … which school is it that you went to the Big Island with? I went there waaaaaay back in 6th grade.

We’ll be home for 2 weeks in April … CAN’T WAIT! :woot:
Any chance there is a yarn shop I should visit while I’m there?

hi Jen,
I think there’s a group called Aloha Knitters that meets once a week somewhere on Oahu. idk how close to them you are tho.
I grew up in Hilo, left there 18 yrs ago, and only now miss it just a little. I don’t think I’d want to live there again, but it would be nice to visit for a few days.

Hi Jen!
My name is Allie and I live in Haiku, Maui. I too am searching for fellow knitters on the islands. My husband and I went to the mainland to show off our new daughter to our families and one of my main highlights was going to yarn stores!!!
You’re right, the internet is a lifesaver :slight_smile: It feels like we’re the only 2 knitters in the middle of the Pacific!

Hello Hawaiian Knitters. We are going to Hawaii this summer and I’d like to visit a yarn shop or two. I’ll be on Oahu and then The Big Island. So far I see Isle Knit in Honolulu. Do you know of other shops I should see? For that matter, does anyone know of a good online source for finding yarn/knit shops anywhere in the world?