Hi everyone–

I am a brand new knitter! It is something that I’ve always wanted to learn, and I finally got around to it this summer. I’m a teacher, and a group of us decided to get together and learn from another teacher we work with who is an amazing knitter. I’ve also used this site quite a bit, and it has been very helpful!!!

I have two “WIP’s” (both scarves, of course), and I’m looking forward to branching out to new projects too.

Just wanted to introduce myself. :smiley:

And you can tell how new I am because I put that post in the wrong place–it was supposed to be under the “introduce yourself” post! :oops:

Hello and welcome to the forum! :waving:

Don’t worry about it! Welcome to the YarnAddict’s meeting…I mean, knittinghelp.com… :doh: :lol: :inlove:

Welcome…you’ll just love it here. :heart: :XX: :XX:

And one more hello! You really will love it here. This is the friendliest place I’ve ever “been”!

Hello to you too! Welcome to the forums :XX:

Welcome! :waving:

I’ve learned so much from all the videos and fab knitters here! Truly a great site.

Welcome!!! You’ll have lots of fun!!!

Hi and welcome to KH! Glad to have you with us, this is a wonderful place to hang out.

:waving: Hello! Welcome to KH!
sounds like you teachers are having a wonderful time during your summer school knitting class :thumbsup: You will find it’s the best class that you’ve ever taken :wink:

:waving: Welcome to the friendliest forum online!

And if you get really addicted, you will start trying to meet learning objectives in the classroom with knitting!

If there are 40 stitches per row and Mrs. Irish knitter can knit five rows in a minute, how many stitches in an hour? Determining pattern repeats, research reports on wool (LA), burn rates of various fibers (science), importance of knitting in the American culture (SS). Oh the possibilities are endless!

Or maybe you decide to teach in a Montessori school since knitting is in the curriculum!

Hi and welcome! :waving: This is such a fun place to be, you’re going to love it here!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself on here alot. I am addicted to this website. Everyone is so helpful and I have learned a lot since I came here.

YES! We’ve pulled another one into the dark side…err…fold!

Welcome! :cheering:


Yes, welcome!

Thanks! I feel so welcome already. And projectgal, I loved the classroom suggestions!!! :smiley:

I thought all Irish are experienced knitters. :??
Welcome !