Hello please can someone help me..

I am a new knitter and have started a so called easy pattern.
I have started a king cole cardigan pattern and i am struggling with the back now i have got up to raglan shapings.
i dont understand what the pattern it telling me to do.
i have knitted six rows which states the last 6 rows set raglan shapings. I understand up to here then it states
keeping continuity of shapings work 46 rows dec 1 st at at each end AS BEFORE.
this is where i am confused… each end of every row ??? really dont get it…
i would apprecciate some help pleaseeeee xxx

Each end of the row means at the beginning and at the end of the dec row. That’s not necessarily every row.
Can you quote exactly the 6 previous rosw that set up the pattern? Don’t give us the whole pattern as that can cause copyright problems

Hello and many thanks for helping me…
The pattern is as follows
1st row K2,SL,K1, PSSO, knit to the last 4 sts, K2TOG, K2.
2nd row P2, P2 TOG, purl to the last 4sts P2TOGTBL, P2
3rd row knit.
4th row P2, P2TOG, purl to the last 4 sts P2TOGTBL, P2.
row 5K2,SL,K1,PSSO, knit to the last 4sts K2TOG, K2
6th row purl.
I look forward to your reply x

Repeat the pattern rows 1-6 for the raglan decreases remembering to dec at each end of the row.
Just to be sure, does the pattern give stitch counts before and after these decreases?

Yes it does…
So I just follow the 6 rows until I get to the stated stitches I should have left.then cast off like it tells me to…
So grateful for your help… Thanks again x

What are the stitch numbers given in the pattern before and the after the raglan decreases?

Hello again.
stitches before is 107 then after working 46 rows there should be 37.
hope this helps. x

what does this mean please

Hmm, i come up with 62sts decreased in 46 rows rather than 70 sts decreased (107-37) but there maybe other decreases or you may have to work a couple more rows. See how it goes in your hands.

That sounds right as i have allready worked the 6 row raglan as set so dec 8 sts before i followed the instructions to do the 46 rows as above… Am i right?

so sorry for pestering you with this . x

Ok,thanks. That makes sense of the numbers.
Your questions afe always welcome. Enjoy finishing up and post a photo when you finish. We love to see projects.

you have been brilliant. thank you so much.
How do i rate you please by sending a heart i think…
i will work it out. xxx

We’re all delighted to help anytime.

Hi Wackysue, I get that when you repeat the 1-6 rows till you have knitted the 46 rows added to the 8 stitches you have decreased will make it 70 stitches so by taking the 70 stitches from the 107 it should give you the 37 stitches