Hello, new And need help I’ve tried over and over. I go from 38 stitches to 42


I am co fused with this pattern and when I get to row three it adds stitches to it but it never reduces and when I get to the e d of the row the pattern cannot be completed. It doesn’t tell me what to do to finish that row if there are t e ought stitches.
The row before is a purl row. The row begins k1 * (k2tog) 3 Times;(yo,k1)6times,(k2tog) 3 Times; repeat from * klast stitch.
Row 4 knit across
Then repeat these for rows for pattern. , first row was k, second purl then three and four. The problem is when I get done there are extra stitches and no direction to complete the row. The first time right before the * k1, * etc as I just stated. Can anyone help me?


Hi Shar, Welcome to KH.
As I understand it you knit 1row, purl 1 row, pattern row 3 and then purl row 4 and these 4 rows form the pattern.
How are you doing your YO? All you need to do is bring your yarn from the back to the front between the needles then lay it across the top of your right needle to continue to the next knit stitch.
The instructions, as written above, say to knit the first stitch, k2 tog x3 ( using 6 stitches but ending with 3), YO,k1 x 6( adding 6 stitches) then k2tog x3 again where you once more use 6 stitches but end with 3. The 6 yo’s replace the 6 stitches you lose doing the k2 togs. You shouldn’t gain any stitches here. You repeat this to the last stitch where you K1 to complete row 3.


Thank you for answering. I thought that is what I was doing. I have to bri g it forward e dry one of the six stitches correct?
I’m really unsure as to what I’ve been doing wrong. I will go back and try it agai . Thank you for your welcome and for trying to help me. I ha e been trying to learn for a long time but always had problems casting on. I ha e since got that and have t had a problem with straight knitting and purli g but for some reason this is stumpi g me. I think I was adding by putting another of something. So I will see. It should t be this difficult! Thanks again! I will let you know if It comes out ok. Shar


I am still having problems. The last three stitches- what do you do with those three? The last stitch should be a knit. What should the left over two. It still is too ma y stitches. Something does t work.
Do you hold the yo against the right hand and go around from the right to left or left to right. I have been Bringing it to my side holding it when I put my kneedle in and coming around from right to left. 6 Times then three together then six I still ended up with three at the end. What do I do with the three. One of those three should be k but wh at about the other two? It still is too ma y stitches.


Can you please post the pattern name and a link to the pattern if possible? Don’t post the pattern here please as it’s a copyright problem.


Dear Jan,
I. Going to research the link. It is known as Featherand Fan Aurora Scarf. It is a Karanella Classic. Their link is www.karabellayarns.com email : Inquiry@karabellayarns.com

Thank you for trying to help me. My sister was ready to have me quit, again and go to a different craft. I don’t want to. I have been trying for years and am determined ined to do something in knitting I’m going on 64 and have been retired since 99 due to disability. I was a teacher and all my life always been stubborn to try my very best. I don’t like to fail, however this may be my last attempt to complete something with knitting. Anyways, thank you so much for your effort on my behalf! I will be goi g to bed now as I’m in South Carolina and it is 1:40 am. Sharlene


This video shows how to make a YO and knit the following stitch. Have a look to see if you are doing the same or if you are adding an extra stitch somehow. How many stitches do you start the row with?

This link is to a search on Ravelry for a feather and fan pattern scarf… Have a look if any of them are similar to your pattern. It’s easier to help when you can see a picture or read through a pattern :smiley:
Remember, anything new starts slowly and awkwardly but will get better with practice ( and lots of quiet swearing!!:smile:)


I don’t know if this is the problem but one of the things that is easy to forget is the repeat.
Because you begin the repeat with k2tog 3 times and end it with k2tog 3 times, the repeat through the middle of the row becomes
…-(yo,k1)6times,—(k2tog) 3 Times—(K2tog) 3 times-…
Effectively you’re knitting -(yo,k1)6times,—(k2tog) 6 Times-
If you forget to work the k2tog 3 times at both the beginning and end of the repeat, that could throw your stitch count off.

How many sts do you have across the row to begin?

Here’s a video for Feather and Fan just in case that helps: It uses different numbers but the stitches are the same. Ignore the numbers and use the repeats of 3 or 6 as in your pattern:

Shar, you’re going to get this to work. We’re all here to help you.


Exactly this, so easy to make this error. You can use stitch markers ( scrap of yarn or safety pin will do ) between repeats, until you feel confident or establish the pattern correctly and then you can remove them or leave them in all the way.
With a cast on of 38 sts you should have 3 pattern repeats of 12 sts each plus the k1’s at the beginning and end of the row.
Feather and fan pattern is really pretty, don’t give up on it :blush:


I’m going to try it again! The videos and your suggestions as to where I may have gone wrong have shown me where to be careful and slowly get through it. Hopefully I will see it. I am goi g to use markers as you all suggested. Your encouragement have helped me to continue. I will let you all know! Thank you all for working with me! Jan, for getting g me started and to those I have t gotten your names down yet are also much appreciated. I will let you know!


[quote=“Shar, post:1, topic:127437”]
k1 * (k2tog) 3 Times;(yo,k1)6times,(k2tog) 3 Times; repeat from * k last stitch.
[/quote] You have an equal number of decreases and increases so the number of stitches in your row will be the same. So let’s break it down –
(K2tog) (K2tog) (K2tog)
(yo, K1) (yo, K1) (yo K1) (yo, K1) (yo, K1) (yo K1)
(K2tog) (K2tog) (K2tog)

Repeat across and K last stitch
Your pattern is between * and *


You are decreasing with the k2tog on both ends that means 6stitches are decreased, but you increase 6 stitches with the yarn over ,k1 done 6times,you Will have increased 6 stitches. I am currently using the same pattern stitches it takes 18stitches for each repeat of the pattern.


This is a pattern usually referred to as feather and fan. There should be no increase or decrease in stitches, if there is look at your yo. For every decrease “k2tog” there is an increase “yo” further on in the row, you, when you knit 2 tog 3 times, you replace those lost stitches with a yo in front of the knit 1 in the next set of instructions. Feather and fan is an 18 stitch count, K2tog (uses 6 stitches) yo, K1 (uses 12 stitches) K2tog (uses 6 stitches), you technically lose 6 stitches on the 2 sets of K2tog, but they are replaced with the yo in front of the k1, any “leftover stitches” in the row are usually knit at the beginning and the end for the borders of the pattern and are not counted as "pattern’ stitches.



How many stitches have you cast on? This could help me see where you are going wrong if you did not get sorted already.



Sorry, I see in your subject heading you go from 38 stitches to 42, I will try and get back to you.


Shar, are you still following this thread? Your title said, “Hello, new And need help. I’ve tried over and over. I go from 38 stitches to 42”

Well, row 3 starts with a k1 before the pattern, the pattern has 18 stitches, you repeat the 18 sts pattern once more and then finish with a k1 ( count should still equal 38 sts at the end of row 3.)

If you have 42 stitches after row 2, then you may be accidentally adding 2 sts per row in rows 1 and 2.

If you are starting row 3 of the pattern with 42 sts maybe @salmonmac, @Jan_in_CA or others can help with that.


@Shar Did you get the pattern to work? If not, maybe a photo of the row would help. Use the up-arrow icon in the middle of the top banner on the Reply box to post photos.
Please see OffJumpsJack’s post above.