Hello Kitty

Hello Everyone… My wife seems to love hello kitty… so I wanted to do something for her… but could only find this one:


Which the images are missing from… and I guess I like tos ee images…

Does anyone have this pattern or know of any other HK patters?


I’m able to see the image of the doll. You might try right clicking and choosing “view image” over the picture… if that doesn’t work, it might be something with your firewall. Sometimes, depending on the type of firewall or router, the software to it will have filtered words to avoid obvious spyware ads or a possible virus.

Well come on now… they weren’t working 10 minutes ago… they are working now… :slight_smile:

Man sometimes… :slight_smile:

:roflhard: uh huh… surrrrre :wink:

Glad you got them working. I too, :heart: Hello Kitty, so if you find some cool things to knit, be sure to post them so I can swipe them! :XX:

ya know you should get yourself a tech guy to help you with displaying those pictures! :hiding: :angelgrin:

See Dave? You KNOW you’ve become a real part of the community when people start pickin on ya! :inlove:

I just spit my water out. :roflhard:

As far as this tech guy can recommend, get a sledgehammer, or as we call them in the business, “Universal Problem solvers” Trust me, your computer WILL behave. :smiley:

Not to continue to hijack this thread… but this reminds me of the PEBKAC error; my BF’s DH used to work for IT in a hospital in DE (alphabet soup much?) … the techs often passed around the callers to each other, so they could “help” with the PEBKAC error. “Oh, it sounds like a PEBKAC error… let me give you to so-and-so, he can help you.” "You say this is a PEBKAC? Okay, explain to me just what happened… oh yep, that’s PEBKAC, alright…"

D, check out this BLOG; it has a TON oh Hello kitty knit stuff on it. I saw several on the May 6th page, but there is sure to be more if you explore a bit.

Hilde you RAWK!!!

Thanks for that blog… now which would she like… Her and my daughter are the same size :slight_smile:

I made a pattern chart for Hello Kitty using knitPro


AWESOME chart app!

also: if you are political (ignore if you are not :slight_smile: )