Hello Kitty for your kitty!

I actually think this is cute, but I would never put it on my cats. :roflhard:

“Japan’s Hello Kitty Cat Humiliation System” :roflhard: I love it!

Well, of our herd, I know which ones not to even attempt to do this with–if I want to stay in one piece! :rofl:

We have a couple of others who are a little more laid back, but I know they’d just ask the other ones to get me while I sleep…

MUST. HAVE. THIS. SYSTEM. Noooooowwwwwww!!!



I think it’s a disgrace. Tho the translation at the bottom is hilarious. :slight_smile:

Why? It’s silly, but no worse than what people dress their dogs in. :shrug:

I don’t hold with covering over an animals ears like that. It’s partially depriving them of a natural sensory organ. Very few dog clothing items do this - or none that I’ve seen anyway.

Just a pov. I’m not a great lover of animals in clothing unless there is a health/climate reason for it.

I would prefer people enjoyed the natural beauty of their animals rather than turning them into an anime figure like those cats are encouraged to look like. Is there a word for de-humanising in the feline world? :slight_smile:

I can see why people think it cute but I don’t hold with dealing with animals like they’re toys or dolls. Again, just a pov. I know others may see it as an expression of love.
Vive different points of view.

:roflhard::roflhard: I can see me trying to get this onto Missy - I think she would eat me alive before I could get it on her hahahaha

my kitty would never put up with such nonesense. she’s far too dignified.


thanks for the laugh!!!

I can’t even put a collar on my kitty- she goes beserk. running thru the house at top speed crashing into things beserk. I can almost hear her saying “getitoffgetitoffgetitOFF!!!” one of [COLOR=red]many[/COLOR] reasons she is strictly an indoor kitty.

I would be found strangled to death on a mix of catnip mice and furry toys. :roflhard: Nobody would know who did it, the cops would dub it the “catnip killer murder” and the whole city would live in terror. I would die a horrid death in vain. :roflhard:

It was just for fun, nothing to be taken seriously. :shrug:

I think it’s cute. I don’t think it’s hurting them or anything.

My cat, Merlin would always wear a santa outfit at Christmas. =x

Oooh that is cute. I wonder how my dog would with it on? Never mind the cats…:rofl:

I used to have a cat that would like socks tied around her belly area. She would sit next to you and bug you until you put one on her. It was always fun folding clothes.

Jan. I do so wish people would not have a problem with the way I chose to express on a topic. I knew it was lighthearted but I felt it ‘ok’ to express, honestly, how I feel about that sort of thing and I did it, I believe, nicely and conceding that many people feel differently. I am also aware there are 13 year olds present here too and I like to think we can offer a balance of perspectives and thoughts. I believe I show a sense of humour most days here so do accept my right to a serious ‘note’ without being picked up on it. I know some here have sent me to coventry for the way I express and so be it. I try to respond and be caring but I won’t trade off honest responses. Life to me is not one big hug fest where we need to be telling each other constantly how great we are. How about we consider embracing people [B]even tho[/B] they may have different opinions.

I regret the speech but, honestly, my turn to express this icon: :wall:

I hope people are still willing to offer me help here when I ask for it in other forums because I don’t seem to ‘fit’ the OT forum.

Oh…and that wasn’t martyrdom LOL That was my ‘take’ on the situation. :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM, Susan.

O_O My cat would use my bed as a liter box and hairball storage if I put those on her. Ooooooooh yes she would XD


I hate hairballs. :hair:

Ooh it’s even better when they are sleeping right next to you and starting hacking one up at 3 in the morning! :zombie: