Hello & help

Hi all.

I’m new on here and wanted to start out by cheekily asking for some help on my search for a type of fibre. I know someone on here will be experienced enough with materials to help out.

The fibre I am in search for is sold in fishing stores under the name of ‘Ice dubbing’. It has the same Mylar flash of Angelina but is much finer and softer in texture. Also, it would appear to come in a vast range of colors including UV. I have searched everywhere and can’t find anything that is even close.

Sorry if this in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure where to post it. Any help would be really appreciated!!


No idea what that is. What are you using it for?


I don’t know what it is, however I have a good friend that is an independent dyer, seller of fiber that runs many co-ops of angelina type fibers.

Let me shoot her an email and see if she knows what you’re looking for and get back to you.

eta: she just got back to me and said she would check with her suppliers and see if any of them know what it is. :smiley:

Here is what she gave me:


And she says, “Also tell her the guy has an amazon and Ebay store that she can do a search for it.”

Fiber folks are just the best!! :grphug:

edited to add: she did the ebay search for you!