Hello Guys need help again

How do you do this?
The pattern reads
Work 5{5-7-7-7} rows even in stocking st.
Rep last 6{6-8-8-8} rows 3 times more. 70 {74-80-84-90} sts.
Cont even in stocking st until work from beg measures 7{7-8-8-8 1/2}
ending with right side facing for next row.

I just do not get this :??
Thanks in advance

Multi-sized patterns include the instructions for all sizes within the pattern…for example, if your pattern has 5 different sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL) and the instructions say to knit 5 (5,7,7,7) rows, you would follow the instructions that correspond to the size you are knitting. So you would knit five rows for XS or S, or 7 rows for M, L or XL. And so on.

Let’s assume you’re making the smallest size. That would be the first number outside the brackets. Each number inside the brackets represents the number of st for each larger size. It’s helpful in the beginning of a pattern to circle all the numbers that pertain to your size.

So you would work 5 (or however many for your size) rows in stockinette stitch, k one row, p one row. I gather from the pattern that the row BEFORE these st sts was in some way different

So you would work these 6 stitches three more times, three groups of 6. It helps to write out a list and cross them off as you go. Write 1 through 6 three times and cross them off so you know where you are. After you do this you should have 70 st on your needle.

Then you continue with st st until the total length from needle to bottom is 7 in., with the last row you worked being a wrong § side row. The right side, the one that will be showing, will be facing you when you start the next rows of the pattern. Got it? :smiley:

This is a multi-size pattern. When it says knit 5{5-7-7-7} rows, the first number is for the smallest size, and they go progressivly larger (small, medium, large, extra large, 1x, etc). Pick the number that coordinates with the size you’re working.

When it says “work even” in stocking st, that just means work all rows in stocking st without increasing or decreasing.

There should be another row of instructions though. So if you’re working on size small (for example), you’ll knit 5 rows in stocking st, and a row in pattern either before or after those. Then repeat those 6 rows 3 times, and you’ll end up with 70 stitches.

Then continue working in stocking st until the piece measures 7 inches, and end with a wrong side row so that the next row is right side facing.