Hello guys! Help me please!

My pattern says ‘Cast on 15 stitches and knit 2 rows in garter stitch.’’.
I used cable cast on to cast on 15 stitches, then I knit 1 row, does this row count as first row?

AND the pattern says ‘‘continue in stockinet stitch’’, do I knit after the garter stitch row or purl ?

Thank you guys! Have a good day!!:muah:

I always count that as the first row. I would think you could either knit or purl the next row - either way one side will become the right side and the other the wrong side. I’d say whichever is easiest for you to keep track of.

Thank you! I tried to knit after the GS, but the GS become the opposite side with the right side of SS… If I purl after GS, it become right side of GS and right side of SS.

I agree. Even with long tail cast on which is sometimes considered row 1, most people ignore the cast on, work the first row and consider that row 1.