Hello from Zurich :)

Hi all !

I am in Zurich, Switzerland now it snowing and not too cold though… this morning i bought a Addi-Turbo size 8 length 32" for guess how much

only US$7 !!! in US it about 14.95 … too bad the owner left only size 8 i might buy another pair tomorrow since i use alot of size 8 on my lace knitting…

i just finished my DH’s sock …it knitted in alpaca and merino mix i think…cannot find the tag for the yarn…

i had not post my finished pieces here for a long time…hope everybody is doing fine…

here in Zurich is really expensive…i think this is the most expensive city i had ever been … our US Kellog cornflakes cost around US$5 … their mac-Donalds salad it about twice our price at home…golly …

and their ice-cream is less than half of our amount and double price as usual… your money go quick here …thank god for one thing the yarn here are reasonable …so i am happie on that … :happydance:

grocery shopping here is $100 spent and you don’t get much at all … but one thing for sure is that Switzerland is beautiful …we took the Glacier express train going around Switzerland it so beautiful !!! we went up to Zermatt and St. Moris (had alot of riches people around the world here) we spent our night at one of the chinese restaurant and we ordered 2 plates of fried rice and 2 vegges …one small evian water …and it US$60 !!! lol… the people here in St.Moris are so snobbish… alot of french here …

well i am off knitting … we are heading to Milan, Italy taking the train this weekend…so it would be fun … will keep u posted then …have a great day !

Hello, well the snow is finally here and very pretty. I am a beginner knitter and am searching for yarn shops in Zurich. I live in Gockhausen and have found a shop in Dubendorf but the yarn is so expensive. I have also found yarn at the COOP City at St Annahof and also the Manor but the selection isn’t great. Any other shops in Zurich that I should visit?

oh, how i love switzerland! i traveled there by train from verona, italy a few years ago, and the ride was so incredible, skirting through the alps. and i DO remember how expensive everything was. :pout: have fun!!!

Switzerland…that’s near New Jersey, right?

Just kidding. That’s one of the things that I love about the internet; being able to communicate with people from all over the world.

Glad you got a good deal on the turbos.


Go to Bahnoff (Zurich HB Downtown) Coop city …there is two there got alot of sales and alot of needles and selection…i went last weekend…

I am in Oerlikon…there is a store named…Passap…and coop city too…hit all the coop city and check their yarns out …have a great day

Are you on vacation or did you move there?

It’s always fun to hear about other places!

Switzerland is a very expensive country - but beautiful!

And enjoy Milano - I was there a few years ago. The shopping is amazing.

My DH had a project here for months so i just tag along so that i can cook for him… :heart:

Shopping sounds so good to me :cheering:

My DH had a project here for months so i just tag along so that i can cook for him… :heart:[/quote]

Oooooo I wish my DH would have to go somewhere! I mean so I could go too…yeah, that’s what I mean. :shifty:


Well hello our jest setting KH pal~!!
Thanks for checking in to say hi~! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Good morning from cold and sunny Holland :slight_smile: I hope you’re enjoying the snow. Switzerland is beautiful!

Great deal on the Addis! I got a pair of 9mm Addi Turbos last week for 5,95 euro because they were out of what I ordered and they subsituted with the Addis! :notworthy:

that is so cool ! u got the deal :cheering:

Hi …latest update… I went to Milan, Italy on Saturday and it amazing… my DH and i went to one of the biggest yarn store (four walls fulls of yarn from the bottom till the roof !) and finally i bought a wooden swifter (handmade) cost me only 16 Euros… bought a few corsets too …all on 20 % sale…boy …was i happy or what …i bought some mohair yarns and lots of cotton yarn too …i am a big fan of cotton yarns… bought some new virgin wool too … their needles are nothing fancy so i skip that… we went to a pizza place call ok5 pizza …that is the best pizza i ever had ! We went to the famous DUOMO cathedral church … it took 400 yrs to built …it magnificient !

this coming saturday we are heading to Paris, France to see the Effiel tower and Champs-Elysées …hopefully can hit one yarn store at least…

u all have a great day …will post some pics once DH are not so busie…

That sounds like a fabulous weekend! I’m confused about corset though… did you find one in the yarn store? :??

You get to jet set allover Europe~!!! :waah:

sorrie for the confusion …i bought the lace corset at the fashion boutique… :heart:

[quote=“aineepooh1”]A YARN STORE WITH FOUR WALLS~!!! I AM SO JEALOUS~!!
You get to jet set allover Europe~!!! :waah:[/quote

My DH happened to get a project here in Switzerland and so we hit the Europe area during the weekend… dun be jealous …i am burnt out without much sleep and now sick with cough … all i can say it’s all worth it …

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Yay for Europe and Lots of Yarn~!!