Hello fellow knitting lovers

Just signed up, not knitted for years and got the bug again after a dermatitus on my hands have stopped me from card making. Not got much time at the moment but look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all later…

Welcome to KH. I hope you’ll have time to knit soon–and often.


Hi & welcome. I hope your hands are better soon. I have something that messes mine up if I don’t take my turmeric every day so I understand about the skin thing. Glad you can knit, hope you have the opportunity to do something really nice.

Welcome to Knitting Help!!:yay:

Thanks everyone.

I got way layed more than I imagined I would, one would be a day off work and spent it doing more work lol.

So far I’ve just completed a pom pom hat and am now revisiting cabling by doing a bag.

I even got a wee book that has loads of different designs for mug wrappers, which for me is a great idea for small projects that will learn me how to use colours and patterns.

I’ve loads of wool bought to work on and now a few extra needles are winging their way to me.

Are very competitive for needles I found compared to another site I saw.

Hope you have a great time hear