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Just a small question, hoping someone can answer.
Me and my daughter are knitting blankets, and bought this wool on special offer from some shop (forgotten which).
It’s called “Lara Lamb: Fuzzy Fluff”, and it’s bobbly (so to speak). Like pom-poms with string between. Been knitting on a 1-stitch between pom-pom with 4mm needles but it keeps un-ravelling. Anyone got any suggestions on what size needles to use?
The instructions says to use 4mm needles but it just doesn’t seem right…

If it’s actually unraveling…as in coming apart…the needle size isn’t the problem. Are you sure you’re doing the stitch correctly? Check the videos at the link at the top of the page and make sure you are wrapping the yarn properly and pulling it through and off the needle.

If that isn’t the problem please ask again and include a link if at all possible or the name of the pattern.

try knitting 2 stitches between pom-poms, and alternate 2 rows of garter stitch with ordinary DK between 2 rows of fuzzy fluff and you should find it a lot better

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It’s hard to find this wool but I bought mine from Poundstretcher £5.99 and the 4mm. needles are correct, you knit in between each bobble (make sure you keep the bobble at the back when knitting, it’s the same stitch all the way(garter stitch, knit every row) don’t knit twice on the same bit (between the bobbles) hope that helps

Hi, sorry I’m new to this, just wondering if anyone could poss let me know the hat pattern that came on the band of this wool as my mum bought the white wool & didn’t realise that this had a child’s dressing gown pattern on it.Thankyou

Got mine from Poundstretcher too (£5.99 for 250g) I have the ‘Childs vest with funnel colar’ that I would be happy to send you or I could scan it in and e-mail it, just let me know.

As for knitting with it one bobble per stitch, I used 5mm’s and they were fine. It is quite slippery so I can imagine that it might slip off the needle, however, it is really sturdy and soft once knitted up.

There’s another great site for wool too - www.yarnparadise.com don’t be scared off by the shipping charge once broken down ‘per ball’ there’s still a good saving :smiley:
Cheers :smiley:

hi i have been knitting loads with this yarn and others like it, when using lara lamb the best needle size is 4 1/2 mm, it knits it nice and tight and keeps the fluff balls together… i have another brand of the same wool and it says to use the 4 1/2 mm but it is better to use a 5 1/2mm. hope this helps it is so lovely and soft perfect for baby blankets etc:)

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For baby blankets, you probably want it a little looser, so use the larger needle. You could CO about 20 sts and knit a couple inchs in the 4.5mm, a couple more in the 5mm and then in the 5.5 mm, see which you like best. Needle size is variable, it depends on the individual knitter’s tension, and the size given on the yarn label is more to classify it into a weight range - dk, worsted, bulky - than the actual size you have to use.

What type of needle are you using? If it’s metal, that might be part of the problem. It might go easier if you switch to wood or bamboo needles. They’re less slippery and help the stitches stay on easier. As to unraveling, do you mean splitting? Some yarns are just like that. They’re a pain to use and I just have to check after each row to make sure I’ve securely knit all the plies without leaving any loopies hanging out on the outside of my work. I have a couple skeins from a certain manufacturer that’s notorious for splitting yarn. I’ll use them up but will never buy yarn made by that company again. I spend a third of my knitting time undoing knit stitches that have split and picking them up on the dropped stitch chain. Some yarns are just not worth my time. Yours may be one of them.