Hello again!

I’ve been a member for a long time but took a bit of a sabatical for a while to have move to a new country and have another baby and get through the first harrowing months with a newborn and a toddler in the throes of the terrible twos. But I’m back! Money is horribly tight (DH has been out of work for close to a year now) so I am mostly working with my meager stash. I am longing for some knitting talk!

welcome back! You sound like you’ve had quite an adventure! Where did you move to/from? How do you like your new country? (and, if you feel like sharing it, why are you an expat?) Did you have a boy/girl? What sex is your older child?

Tell us your story!:woot:


Welcome Home, Iris!

You’ve come to the right place for knit talkers!!! Glad you’re here and looking forward to hearing more from you.

I checked out your blog. The picture of you with your new baby is just too beautiful for words! Thanks for posting that, it’s a real joy to see it.

As is, of course, the decadent chocolate chip cookies! Oh, my aching hips!!! But this weekend, there will be some decadence around here!

Again, welcome home!


Aww thanks for the warm welcome, guys!
Moni, my oldest is a girl, she is almost three years old. The youngest is also a girl, which made my dream of having two little girls come true. We moved from the US, where my Canadian hubby moved to seven years ago to work, back to Canada (his work visa expired so we really had no choice). I am from Holland originally and moved to be with him four years ago, so I’ve had two major moves in the past few years. It’s been tough on us, no job so no money, but we are hanging in there and hoping that some day soon things will get better.
Ruthie, thanks for reading the blog! About the cookies, I was toddling around the kitchen feeling like having a snack but we didn’t have anything that looked good. So I figured I’d make up my own recipe and just see how it would work out. I do hope you enjoy them! If not, please let me know and I will work on the recipe.
I’m off to do some knitting on a baby sweater, made from stash yarn. Will definitely post pictures once I get the whole uploading-without-a-cable-thingy down. :mrgreen:

Hi Iris
Welcome back I am very new here-finding my way around-there is so much info I could be on here for hours,I don’t know how you folk manage it with little kiddies at home.
I hope your Dh finds work,it is really bad here in Ontario just now mostly the auto manufacture meltdown.The town I am in has the distinction of having the highest unemployment in Canada.
I checked out your blog,the shawl is beautiful, you are a lovely knitter,and baker, the cookie recipe sounds delicious.