HELLLP! stupid yarn

I need help. I am knitting away on my shrug with the yarn feeding out of the center of the skein (Plymouth’s Encore) when all of a sudden, I have a knot in the middle of it. (as in cut in two and then knotted).

Should I pull the knot close to the needle and leave a tail to weave? I am confused. My teacher told me always start a new skein at the end of a row; but now I am in the middle of 181 sts and this comes up…

UGH I am frustrated!! why does the yarn company do that to me???

I know…I hate that! I cut out the knot and leave about 2-3 inches on the tail to weave in later. Then just start again with the skein like it never happened. If you’re nervous about that for some reason, check out Amy’s info towards the middle of THIS page. If you happen to be working with wool, the felted join is perfect!

I hate when that happens! Normally when I encounter this I frog back a stitch at a time to get to the edge then cut the knot out and start again. Since you are so far in you’ll have to make a judgement call about whether you want to do that or just go back far enough so you have some yarn to weave in then cut the knot out and start again. I don’t know your pattern, but maybe it won’t really show in the middle?

I don’t think there is any solution other than to cut the knot out though.

eh i would likely just work it from there but i am a lazy knitter. I have managed to hide the knot in the work fairly well but it was when i was working with multiple strands or really fuzzy yarn. I don’t think the felted join will work though since encore is washable. worth a try though!

while this problem isn’t nearly exclusive to Plymouth it is another good reason for me to not like Encore (I do like galway a bit better!) :slight_smile:

When discovering in the middle of the row that I have run out of yarn, I just close my eyes and pretend it’s a new color :rofling:

I HATE when that happens :shock: