Hel me pattern

Hi, I’m knitting the Asterope , love the pattern in chart C however I came across a (knit2tog with knit 1 tbl ) question in the same stitch or knit2tog ,then knit 1 tbl . Help please so I can finish dying to wear it.
Thank you

This might be the pattern but if so, i can’t get to the chart. Count the number of sts in the row or in the next row and see if you can make sense of it that way. If it’s k2tog tbl, two sts will become one. If it’s k2tog, k1tbl then 3sts will become 2. The chart boxes should look different. You can also check the st glossary that should accompany the chart and see if you can figure out the symbols from there.

Yes your right lol the glossary didn’t have anything to help as far as explaining it. But thank you

It might be a cross or twist stitch - k2tog and leave it on the needle, then knit the 1st st again tbl. The other would be k2togtbl, then knit the first stitch.