Heels for toe up socks?

I’d like to try some toe up socks, because I hate getting to the end of the socks and finding out I could have made them taller because I had more yarn left than I thought. But when I tried to do one, I got to the heel flap, and got soooo confused with all those ‘wrapping’ of stitches instructions. Is there another easier way? I couldn’t keep track of it all, ripped it all back, and have done them top down.

Suggestions for the best ways to do heels for toe up socks would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I still can’t quite figure out how they do toe up and that is on my list of things to learn this year, though.

You can make the leg or the instep as long as you want and it doesn’t mess up anything. The only truly crucial part of sock making comes when you are dividing up the stitches for the heel flap and if you leave a bit of a tail on your cast on, that’s easy, it should be the middle stitch of your heel flap… after that it’s all gravy, well, not gravy, but sock… gravy… Uhm… I saw a cute pattern for toe up socks in this forum just the other day.

I’ve never like knitting or wearing a wrap & turn type heel. Here are some toe up socks with different heels:


Here’s an afterthought heel on a top down sock, but you can do it on a toe up just as well.

Thanks for those links, Marilyn. I’ve always wondered if a regular heel could be done toe up. I’ll have to try that sometime.

I like to sub in the Sherman short row heel.…no wrapping :yay: and it will work toe up or cuff down…

You can work a heel with a gusset and heel flap…its just worked backwards. I think the Sherman or other short row heels are faster though :teehee: I made Sydneythis way (the pattern is written for this way)

Thanks so much for those links! Those are just what I need, I think. I knew there must be another way.

I’ve been knitting socks on DPNs, but I"m going to try two at a time on circs (my lovely husband got me just what I told him to get - I would have complained that they were a bit too expensive, but he said it was just like buying a new tool!! He’s a keeper!).

Thanks for the help!