Heel preference?

When you all make socks, do you prefer the kind with the heel flap and gusset? I see that most sock patterns have this type. However, I really like the short row heel because it looks more like what I would consider a “commercial” sock, or the kind one would buy in a store. I’ve been looking at people’s socks lately (they probably think I have a weird fetish!) and most of them have the short row heel.
So my question is, when you knit socks, which is your preference, and why?
AND, speaking of socks, where is Becca lately? I know she had to be in bed for a while but it seems like that was weeks ago…

I have only made the socks from silver’s tutorial. I really like that kind of heel flap…sorry I can’t be of more help… :oops:

I would really like to hear more replys on this one. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I just relized there are different types of heels. I have made 3 pairs of sock and love it, but for some reason I keep getting one hole on each side of the sock near the heel. This may be something I am doing, but I thought maybe it was the pattern. Would love to hear more on this. :smiley:

I think Becka is busy rolling around with her new stash… either that or mugging her mailman for her DVDs! :roflhard:

The only heel’s I’ve used have been the slip stitched heel {heel flap}. From what I understand, they are more sturdy, and wear better than short row heels. I think that if i were to try a short row heel, I’d probably want to knit it with a strand of wooly nylon to make it stronger.

If it’s at the top of the heel flap, it may be from the way you are picking up stitches. If it’s at the bottom of the flap, you may need to pick up a few more stitches, and just decrease a few more times until you get the specified number of stitches in the pattern. A picture of your holes would speak a thousand words!

I’ve only been making socks for a few months now, but I am confused, mine have a heel flap, and then a short row heel (or a wrapped short row heel) that makes a small cup, and then a gusset decrease picking up stitchs along the heel flap…
Most patterns i see have that, so I guess Im confused at what difference you mean Yvonne.
Can you give two pattern examples to show what you mean since I am totally confused once again! lol


I like Afterthought heels, heel flaps and short row heels about the same. I do all 3 regularly. But when I’m in a hurry to get the sock done, and i’m short on time, i use the short row heel because for me it takes less time.

Quietheart- what you described is a heel flap. A short row heel is the entire heel done with short rows. and an afterthought heel is done after you do the rest of the sock, a good description HERE.

="AND, speaking of socks, where is Becca lately? I know she had to be in bed for a while but it seems like that was weeks ago…

:smiley: I’m here…thanks for asking & feeling much better after 3 months of bedrest (YUCK!!)

I’m currently knitting socks and I am going to begin to experiment with different heels & toes after I complete my ‘gift’ socks…then I can really play around :wink:

:roflhard: :rofling: That’s OH, SO TRUE :roflhard: :rofling:

Ah the entire heel done in short rows. I understand now. Thank you Jax.
Anyone have a pattern out there I could look at, as I’ve never seen one.


:shock: Wait! There’s more than one way to do the heel thing? :doh: I had no idea! I’ve only done a single pair using Silver’s site and figured that was just the way it was done.

Thanks for posting this question. I am learning a lot from what everyone’s saying. For the record, I like the way I’m doing things now but am willing to learn new things.


Here are a few tips on heels & toes :wink:

I’ve done the heel flap method and the short row method. (Also done toe up and toe down too). I’ve heard that the heel flap method is sturdier and more durable. I liked learning the different constructions of the heel in a sock, so I would recommend trying out both of them. Make one sock with the heel flap and the other one with a short row. Both are prone to holes in certain spots.

I have only knit 2 pairs of socks, so am by no means an expert. In terms of just knitting the heel and not worrying about it’s fit or durability, I like doing the short rows.

Is there a simple short-row heel sock pattern? Preferably in a baby-sock format so I can try it out in a day? I’d like to learn this method, too.