Heel Instructions

I just finished working the leg on my first sock using the magic loop method. Now I’m about to start the heel. I have a total of 36 stitches which is 18 split in half. I know I’ll only be working on 18 of these stitches as the other 18 are for the instep later.

Now the instructions tell me: “K9, turn work around and with same needle, p18–18 heel sts on one needle. Place rem 18 sts on spare needle(s) or holder to work later for instep.”

Ok, so I k9, then turn my work around. Now I have 9 stitches on my right needle and 9 on my left needle. How am I supposed to p18 when I have only 9 sts to work with on my left needle?

purl the 9 on the needle, and then purl 9 more! (from 'second half of sock)

this is what i dislike about SOME magic loop directions…
they have you move stitches around to do the heel.

There are other options… but first learn this method.

Knit 9, turn, purl 9 and then purl 9 more -the Beginning of Round was on the “side” and the side is the center back and the heel is made on center back.

(the heel is made from the first 9 and th LAST 9 stitches in the round.)

Thanks for the response, of troy. The instructions are actually geared for dpns. I should have mentioned that. After tossing this concept around between my husband and I we figured out that since the pattern is for dpns they are having you do this step to arrange the stitches to do the heel. Which is essentially what you’re telling me about, of troy. So since I’m on the magic loop and I already have things divided, I just disregarded that step and started working on my heel flap.

Good! i am glad you are flexible in your thinking!

I almost always do my socks 2 on 2 circ, and IMMEDIATELY decided to ignore the beginning of round–and to make 1 needle the instep and one needle the sole (and heel)–

Its SO easy to knit socks this way!
IN general. half the stitches are used for the heel, and half for the instep–and if you have evenly divided stitches, its very easy to just make 1 half of the stitches --one side of the magic loop or 1 needle) the sole/heel… and never have to ‘reposition’ stitches’.

–at the end of the flap is the turning (easy) and then picking up the gusset.

pick up gusset stitches on heel needle/half) then return to knitting in the round, knit instep and pick up /position the second gusset on the heel needle…

it a bit awkward the first few rounds, but gets easier with ever decrease –

There are some patterns (child’s french sock from Knitting Vintage socks) that are designed to have the BOR at the ‘side’

The child’s french sock is a great magic loop/2 on 2 pattern…