Heel help

I’m helping a friend make a Christmas stocking and am stuck…not because of the pattern really, but what we are working with is an OLD OLD OLD xerox copy that there is one line we can’t read!!!

So…can we make something up please? I’m stuck. Don’t know enough about sock construction to know what it means…

Background, the leg part of the stocking is done flat with all the fancy pictures (santa, candy canes and letters)

so…here’s what I’ve got.

INSTEP Following chart, K 40 sts, slip last 13 sts on a holder.
Turn and P 27 sts
slip remaining 13 sts on another holder.
Continue to work in stockinette st on 27 sts of instep until chart is completed.

Decrease 1 st at end of last row.
Slip these 26 sts on a holder.

portion in question*
Slip __________________________________ onto one needle so that outer edges of sock are joined at center of the heel.

Is this where I put them on to DPN’s?

With right side facing you, join white and work in stockinette st on 26 sts for 13 rows
([COLOR=blue]funny, as the white is ALREADY joined, and that’s what I’m working with right now, am I missing something?[/COLOR]?)


P 15, P2 Tog, P1, turn

Ok, I get all the rest…
can you help? :mrgreen:

ETA…is anything in here similar to what I need to do?

[B]Begin heel:[/B]
With double pointed needles work as follows (this makes much more sense while you’re actually doing it, than it does when you’re just reading it!): Using the white tail knit first 12 sts onto one needle for half of the heel. Break off white. Slip next 13sts onto the 2nd needle for one instep needle. Slip next 13sts onto third needle for 2nd instep needle. Slip the last 12sts onto a fourth needle for the 2nd half of the heel. Now, slip the last 12sts onto the 1st needle (24sts are now on the heel needle). With WS facing, attach green and work 22 rows of st st over the heel needles only, remembering to slip the 1st st of every row.

Wish I could help you, but I’m just not sure. When I’ve done socks we do the heel before the instep so this one seems different. I’m sure someone who knows more can help!


Thanks Jan…I think I may have it figured out…the instep is done first on this because there is a candy cane smack in the middle of it…I think…that you just put the stitches on a holder, work the heel (which I’ve changed from what it is to simple k2tog or p2tog)…but I’d like confirmation. :slight_smile: