Heel differences

round heel and square heel? Which one of these is a short row heel :?? or am I totally confused…if so it wouldnt be the first time :teehee:

Both of them are short-row heels, the round heel uses only the K2tog, while the square uses the the SSK & K2tog combined. I hope that helps

yes it does thank you :hug: ok so the round and square heel are both short row heels so whenever I see it say either square or round heel in a pattern I am to assume it is a short row heel?

Right. You have to use short rows and decreases to make the cup shape that fits over the heel. It can either be rounded, or square, but most of the time, the pattern will tell you what kind of decreases to use, whether for a square heel or a rounded one. Hope it helps.

yes it does thank you very much :muah:

Any time!

You might want to check this out. This too. And this. :teehee: Okay I’ll stop now.