Headband or earwarmer for a male

I made a headband - knit 2, purl 1 in the round out of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran. I cast on 81 stitches on a size 8 circular needle and worked for about 3 inches. It looks okay, but I’m not sure if I should have made a little larger-it is a kinda snug fit, or if I should have worked with double yarn. Does anyone know of a good earwarmer pattern or a better way to make this? I still have plenty of this type yarn . Thanks!!!

How big around does it measure? With 81 sts with a typical size 8 that would be about 20". You need to measure the head of the person you’re knitting it for, over the ears, and cast on enough sts for that measurement less about an inch. Your pattern’s fine, it just might need to be an inch or two larger around, so maybe cast on 87 sts and that should do it. If you double the yarn, you’d need a larger needle and quite a few less stitches.

His head is 23 inches. It just fits but is tight on the bound off side. I just wondered if the yarn should be doubled since I was told to purchase 2 skeins. I only used part of 1 skein. Thanks!!

With size 8 needles you wouldn’t want to double the yarn, it’s difficult to knit with. If it’s just the BO that’s tight, undo it and use a looser method or larger needles to bind off. What’s the pattern?

It’s just a 2x1 Ribbed Knitted Headband I found online. They used Lion Brand Jiffy on size 7 needles and casted on 81 stitches. Since I was advised to use 2 skeins of the DB Rialto Aran I just wondered if I was supposed to double yarn. What do you think? The headband seems quite thin.

If you use the yarn doubled, go up to at least a size 10 or 10½ needle or the sts will be too tight to knit easily. Then you’ll have to use less sts for the cast on. How many = your sts/inch x the measurement you need.