Having trouble with increase row

Hi! I understand how to increase, but am having trouble understanding what the pattern is calling to do in this particular row?

Increase round: K 2(3, 4) inc, * K5(6, 7) inc * end with K3. 48 (56, 64) sts

Any help is appreciated!!

Hi. Welcome to Knitting Help.
A link to your pattern would be helpful. Somewhere in the instructions you should find which increase to use and how to do it.

The suggested increase is M1 (lifted bar) which I understand…what I don’t understand from this line of the pattern is when to do the increase and what the asteriks mean in the middle?

Increase round: K 2(3, 4) inc, * K5(6, 7) inc * end with K3. 48 (56, 64) sts

The * * mean to repeat what is inside them until you have 3 stitches remaining which you will knit. Counting at the end of the round will let you be sure you got the right number of increases. So… for the smallest size you would:
K2, M1, K5, M1, K5, M1…then knit the last 3 sts.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing what’s confusing you is the numbers in parentheses. That’s common in patterns where they’re giving you instructions for multiple sizes. So the line would translate (I think) as:

(Lemme copy this so I know what I’m looking at)
K 2(3, 4) inc, * K5(6, 7) inc * end with K3. 48 (56, 64) sts

Start with 2 knits stitches for the smallest size (or 3 for the medium or 4 for the large) then do one increase

Then repeat the following until you have three stitches left in this round:
K5 for the smallest size (or 6 for the medium or 7 for the largest) and do one increase

Then knit the last 3 stitches of the round.

The final set of numbers is the numebr of stitches you’ll have (total) when you’re finished: 48 (small), 56 (med), or 64 (lg).

So if you’re doing the smallest size it would read
k2, in, k5, inc, k3
For the medium:
k3, inc, k6, inc, k3
And the large:
k4, inc, k7, inc, k3

But you might want to get one of the more experienced to check me on that… I get confused by this stuff too.

Start with K 2(3, 4), then inc, and repeat * K5(6, 7) inc * to the last 3 sts which are K3. 48 (56, 64) sts

thank you all very much!!! i get it now :slight_smile: