Having a Brain Freeze

Hello everyone-

This is my first post. I am getting back into knitting after a 10 year break and I can’t remember a thing! I have a question about binding off at neck edge. How do I:

“Bind off 2sts each neck edge 1x”?

I have the center stitches bound off so I am working 2 balls of yarn. So I knit to the first neck edge with 2 stitches remaining but I couldn’t figure out how to bind them off without leaving one remaining stitch. I ended up binding off on that neck edge on the purl side - so that the neck edge was at the beginning and I bound off the first two stiches.

I’m not sure I explained that clearly. Was that ok to do?

Yup – you can only bind off at the beginning (or in the middle) of a row. :thumbsup:

(unless you’re at the very end of your project!)

Thank you Julie - so maybe it wasn’t a brain freeze after all! There is hope for me yet :cheering: