Have you tried no knead bread

If you would like to try it there is a great receipe at Breadtopia.com. It is the most delicious bread I have ever made. There are only 3 ingrediants (flour,salt and yeast or sourdough starter). It makes a hard crust loaf and is so easy.Mix up at night, let set for 15-18 hrs , pat down and let rest for 15 min, form loaf and let rise 2 hrs. Bake in a preheated covered dutch oven At 450 degrees for 30 min, uncover and bake another 20 min . I used bread flour and spring water. If you like La Bria bread;it’s something like that.

This bread is in my rotating cycle of breads that we make here at home. The only kind I don’t make is the Apple Struesal Bread that they have at Costco.

The ‘24 Hour’ bread that you listed is indeed a good loaf, the only thing I do different than the recipe is that after the first 30 minutes, I take it out of the Dutch oven and let finish in the oven on the rack. That way it’s not as “wet” inside.

This is the web site for the original recipe:

Sounds really interesting.
Might try that (or pass the recipe to DH… :D)

My husband has made that numerous times. It is great. He bakes it in round Corning Ware French White baking dish to make a round loaf.

We recently went gluten free though so we haven’t made it in a while.

Yes, it’s one of my favorite breads.