Have you seen this yarn!

Egad it’s beautiful! :inlove: :inlove:

This first one is made of bamboo!

This one is just so pretty!

And ooooo this one’s kinda pretty, too!

Oh no… :shock: I’ve discovered the world of yarn! :inlove:
You can’t find this kind of stuff in Michaels!

LOL…I love to knit with yarn made of different fibers! So far I’ve just used soysilk (SWTC’s phoenix) … it’s very soft & 50/50 soy/wool…it’s very soft…I like it :smiley:

lol…before you order from them though make sure you do a search for Ingrid’s yarn of mass destruction. Not sure of a good search string to use to find it… :thinking: hmmm…mebbe social security number.

Love the swatch on that Eden though!!

aaaah here it is!! :wink:

UPS gave me a hard time getting Canadian yarn from this site. If you have it shipped through the post office, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. Before the UPS fiasco, I’d ordered from them before and had no complaints.

My computer here at work won’t let me create a link. My ‘adventures’ were under SSN for Yarn

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I have just had a revelation!!! Brendajos please do not be offended, but I am from New Mexico and have grown up around mostly spanish speakers. I am hispanic but can barely understand it when spoken and I could never speak it myself. But I do know that in spanish J’s are pronounced like an H. So in my head I have been rolling the R and saying
"Brrendaahos". I just realized it is probably Brenda Jo. :doh:

What a geek i am!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I am loving that Marble yarn, though.

lol…you are not the first person who has thought that. of course it never crossed my mind when i made the name it was just a screen name that worked for me. someone once told me they thought i was a mexican male and i was puzzled for a moment until i looked at my name again. i have taken to calling myself brendaahoos when i am spelling it out too. IRL i am just Brenda but all of the people in my virtual world call me brendajos, no matter how they pronounce it! :wink:

I’ve never seen bamboo yarn before…It’s really pretty!
Right now I’m working on a cabled scarf in the marble yarn. It is so soft! I found it at AC Moore.
You can see it in the ‘Whatcha Knittin’ thread.

Well good lord, I would never give them my SSN.

Okay I just finished reading Ingrid’s Saga…I think I’ll pass on this beautiful yarn. Geez! Then again…I do have a few friends in Canada if they got it and shipped it to me would the problem remain? Is this nonsense for ALL packages coming into the US from anyone?

just as a point on USPS shipping…i get those addis coming in to me from Hong Kong all the time (okay it was probably about once a month actually) and they NEVER had problems coming in to me. Pointy metal sticks coming from communist countries probably should be more suspicious than yarn coming from one of our friends i would think! :wink:

Go USPS if you can… i don’t think it really would take longer in the end.

IF I order from them I will certainly remember this. Homeland Security has gotten out of hand. :rollseyes: I like the idea of sending the bill to G W “Hinky” Bush. :roflhard:

Thanks for the links on the yarn, Jan. They are all gorgeous and I’m really anxious to try some bamboo yarn. Love the idea of the bamboo and/or soy. They are next on the “treat me” list. I also really love the colors in the Vespa, but I just can’t handle making one more scarf! What else can I use that boucle/eyelash yarn for?

I wouldn’t avoid the site, just UPS. Just make sure you pick post office shipping.

soysilk.com is the website for SouthWest Trading Co yarns, some made from soy, bamboo, etc…all very, very pretty :smiley: