Have you seen it? the fall Interweave Knits?


I’m gushing with excitement! There are at least 3 sweaters in there that I want to do!!!

The cover sweater though very different has grown on me. At first I thought it a little ‘star trek-ish’ but the more I look at the other views of it and read the pattern, the more I think it might be just what I need this winter when I hope to be pregnant again. :slight_smile: I think it would be lovely in a charcole. :slight_smile:

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the tyrolean socks!!! YUM!!! This is the best issue I have seen yet for patterns that really make me want to start some more projects!!!

YAY! yay!! (my husband things I’m rather batty… does yours?)

YAY! yay!! (my husband things I’m rather batty… does yours?)

ummmm…Yes! :blush:

I haven’t seen the new issue yet, but I’ll be on the lookout for sure!

I loooove new knitting magazines. I love to flip through and oogle at all the patterns and yarns…(I’m weird like that!)

I agree, though every issue of IK tends to get me in a mode to start new projects, then I get overwhelmed and have to put some away until some get finished.

And no, Hubby likes my craftiness, and on occasion has been known to try his hand on my spinning wheel, not to mention he makes hemp necklaces (I’m thinking about getting hemp fiber and spinning him some custom hemp for them)

YES! The sweaters in this one are gorgeous! I’m researching yarns for one of the cardigans already, but I am on a yarn diet until September so can’t buy any just yet.

i have my IK, and love almost every pattern! my mom saw the snowflake socks and said she’d like them…lol i really like the vest opposite those socks. i think i might knit this up for me this winter… :slight_smile: so many socks too! i can’t think of any patterns i didn’t like, except the cover, and only cause i don’t think it would be flattering on me at all;)

I’ve been keeping that issue out with me while I knit as motivation to get my current sweater done. I want to knit that cover sweater sooooo badly, and I even have the yarn for it (chocolatey mmmmMalabrigo would be wonderful, no?). I always love the Fall issue of IK, and this is no exception.

Yes, that cover sweater is growing on me more and more. Chocolate MMMMM…YUMMMMM> :slight_smile:

I was thinking perhaps charcole Alpaca… what do you think?

Sounds lovely! I am in love with the sweater and was trying to figure out if I had yarn in my stash for it and then I got distracted. I think I have mostly DK right now though :frowning: And verigated yarns that would obscure the interesting ribs and assembly.