Have you made this knitted romper

I am new to knitting and wondering whether I will be able to finish this baby romper. Any suggestions? 0-bear-baby-knit-romper

I’m not sure if the cable sections would give you trouble, but other than that it looks relatively easy. I’ve never knitted clothes aside from small doll size (Barbie/Ken) though lol.
It looks very sweet either way, and I love the gradient effect they went for.

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I’m not an experienced knitter, I’ve made 4 very plain sweaters, some dish cloths to try out different stitches, a pair of slippers. Not much.

To me this pattern looks difficult but we’re all different aren’t we and perhaps you’d find it easier than I would?
Have you worked cables before?

I would try out the cable first before going ahead with the whole thing. Perhaps follow the pattern for one leg, as a sample to see how it goes?

The widest cable I did was on a dish cloth and it looked horrible to be honest. I was using dish cotton though and it has no give in it so it was quite gappy where the cable is put. For that reason I think it also depends what yarn you’ve chosen because some are more easy to work with than others and whilst I’ve realised this I still don’t know enough about yarns to know which is going to be easier or harder to get a neat outcome with.

I think if it was me, if I could manage a leg, or half leg, and liked the way it was turning out in a sample, it would give me the confidence to go ahead… or guide my decision to choose a different project.

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I think I would do like this if I was you:
If you are able to read through the instructions and they all make sense, then you could just begin knitting. If you find there are stuff in the instructions that might be difficult (cable, button holes, etc) try to knit a small test piece with those things and if it goes well then go ahead with the real project.