Have you ever planted Japanese Plum seeds?

I know, odd question, but you people are so smart! :cheering:

These trees are abundant in this area and we love to pick the plums to eat. DH brought home a small bag of them (there are several big trees in our Publix parking lot) and we had the bright idea that maybe we could grow our own? But I am clueless when it comes to gardening or growing anything not in my AeroGarden. :teehee: Any help or advice would be soooo appreciated!!

Any tree is going to take years to produce fruit, from seed. A yearling would be a better investment of time.

I have a lemon tree that is being formed into a bonsai, for 7 years now. It has lovely lemon scented leaves.

We figured it would take years. It’s ok, we own our home and even if we decide to move, it’ll be a nice treat for whoever buys the house. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to know if I could just throw the seeds in the back yard or if there’s something specific I should do. :wink:

Had to google the name and found out they’re what I know them as Loquats. Super, super, super easy to propagate. Just whip those seeds in some potting mix, keep moist and voila! I accidently grew one when I was around 10 years old by eating one and throwing the seed in our planter. It grew and my dad transplanted it to the back yard. When my parents sold that house the tree was huge and covered most of the side yard. Word of warning, make sure you plant it someplace where you have alot of room. They grow fast. This site says to grow them by grafting but the one I grew from seed did bear fruit and the fruit was good.

Thanks for the info! I’ll try that! :slight_smile:

We always had a productive peach tree in our yard when I was a kid which grew from peach stones that got buried in the yard with the peelings from my mother’s canning. Those trees always yielded the biggest and juiciest fruit and every year mother would put up peaches and jam. Delish!

I bought more than one sapling trying to grow fruit trees in my yard. I’ve never had so much as a wormy apple.

Your pits should do just fine.

My parents have a HUGE loquat tree in their yard, and every year they have to go pull out all the baby trees that start growing just from the fruit that falls on the ground around the tree. You should be fine! :slight_smile:

Dh is our Green Thumb and he grows them from seeds all the time. He loves to start new seedlings and gives the trees away as we have a huge one in North Florida and two smaller ones at our home in South Florida. He calls them Japanese Plumb trees also as he was raised in North Florida. The birds love the fruit.

Thanks for all the input. I’m going to plant the seeds in a pot and see what happens. Hopefully by next year I’ll have some strong healthy yearlings to transplant around the yard, and maybe a few to give away! Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

LOL, the most vigorous of my fruit trees (I have a mini-orchard out back–15 or so trees) is a peach that grew from a pit. I planted the pit in a flowerbed and forgot it. Darn near pulled up the seedling when I first saw it because I’d forgotten I’d put it there.

You may have fruit faster than you think–the homegrown peach is 4 years old now and larger than the 2 7yo storebought trees! Blooming to beat the band right now, so I’ll have fruit in July.

God Luck!

That’s awesome about the peach tree. I’ve always wanted fruit trees in my yard. A long time ago, we rented a house with an orange tree, that was fun. This house, that we bought, had an apple tree in the front yard but it wasn’t healthy and eventually died. And we have a fig tree that has never produced fruit… I guess it needs to be cross pollinated?