Have you ever made a baby hat with a knifty knitter loom?

This is for a newborn, about 2 weeks old. Which looms did you use, and how many rows did you do, and what yarn did you use? Thank you!!

P.S. Would Homespun be good? I have leftovers from another project, it’s soft, the whitish-yellow color is good for both boy and girl, and I do not really have money to go out into the store and buy a skein, because I know my mom and I will see something else we like and buy the whole store! :teehee:

I used the little blue one. I just loomed until it looked good to me. :shrug:

Homespun would be perfect for it! You want a nice, bulky yarn for it.

I don’t know how big a baby is! And plus, I was told to double the strands, and then make a brim, so it is quadruple thick!!! What have I done???!?!

How did you make it exactly? Like, double thick? What yarn? Did you make a brim? Inches past brim? I am reaallly confused.

This should answer the questions you have. If you are using homespun, only use one strand. If using worsted weight, use two.

I’m pretty sure the looms that she uses are the same as the knifty knitter looms, just made by a different company.

HTH! :hug: