Have you ever knit with 100% silk?

I’m making the Sahara top using Tilli Thomas 100% spun silk yarn.

The pattern states that unplied silk yarn stretches a lot in wear and so give row counts as well as measurements in the pattern. It advises that is you are using the featured yarn (which I am) then you should follow the row counts rather than measuring.

I’m just wondering if anyone has actually had any experience of how much silk will stretch because I just tried on the wip as suggested and I’m horrified by how tight it is. I know the pattern says that using beaded yarn for the contrast will cause even more stretch but I think I’m just needing a bit of reassurance. (Not least because the cost of the yarn for this project was incredible! Most definitely the most expensive item I’ll ever knit I’m sure!)

I’m worried that I’ll end up with a very expensive but too tight top - and I’m not sure how the silk would stand up to being ripped out and re-knitted if I decide that I need to make the next size up!

Help me please! :pout:

Did you knit a swatch? And then wash and block your swatch? This will give you an idea as to how much it will grow.

Okay, good news is that I was exactly where you are now. Same concerns and everything.

My end result: The top is snug, but it is supposed to be. I can pull it over my head and body. It does indeed stretch a little bit.

If I were to knit it again here are the changes that I would personally make:
I’d maybe leave out a bust decrease. I would have like a tiny bit more wiggle room.
I’d definitely leave out a waist decrease or two.
With out a doubt I’d make mine longer as it came right at my hips. Not at all like the one pictured.

I am going to knit it again, but with a wool silk yarn.

The Tilli yarn will stand up to at least one frog. I had to unknit a few sections myself. It will get pilly with too much friction though.

Great pattern, nice yarn, but it doesn’t make for an enduring knit. Hence I’m knitting it again in another yarn. It is just a lot of money for a delicate sweater. Plus my yarn had a lot of knots. Very frustrating.