Have you ever just had a 'DER' kinda day?

Okay, first, I accidentally ignored the errata on a sock pattern I started. Fortunately, I caught it having only knit up 13 rows… FROGGED and started again. Next, for some really odd reason, I completely forgot what I was doing and caught myself wrapping my yarn the opposite direction when knitting… WTH?! :whoosh: I actually had to watch Amy’s video to make sure which way was the correct way to wrap. :wall: Then I realized that I had knit several rows like that and had twisted stitches. :noway: Then I frogged back. :frog: It’s like my brain was on vacation today. I’m thinking it is probably stress. I’m pretty stressed about my son’s school situation right now (the school “can’t” help him and has never seen a child like him before: Moderate - severe Asperger’s Syndrome, severe ADHD, dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, OCD, anxiety, and depression). DH told me to sit and knit this afternoon - not to worry about housework or laundry. So that’s what I tried to do. :waah:

I think I will just step away from the needles… :teehee:

Oh, I’m so sorry for your stress! I pray you’ll find some answers for your son, and find some relaxation in your knitting.

I hope you can find some relaxation somehow among all the craziness you are facing now.
eta love your new avatar, you look great!

I’m sorry to hear about your stress! I have learned in the last few years that I didn’t really know stress till I had kids… It’s so hard to deal with everything else, when there is an unresolved issue regarding the one central thing in your life.

As for having DER days… oh, good heavens, yes! I end up wishing I could just go back to bed for the rest of the day, and try again the next day. Here’s hoping your tomorrow is better! You and your son are in my prayers.

Oh goodness! I think I have more of those than not!:wink:

I am sorry to hear about the school, sounds like they really need to dig deep and talk to the right people to make sure they provide your son with the best possible teacher/help they can find!

I am sending you positive thoughts!

I find stress connects those two things in a “cause-effect” chain that then circles through “laspes in judgement” and back to stress.

I find I make stupid mistakes when I’m tired (which is often). Right now I have a “slip 2 with YIF” about 12 rows down that should have been “w/YIB!” It is so easy to see with the two colors I’m using (black and red), so how did I miss it? :eyebrow2:

Maybe rest is the best when we find ourselves making such :doh: errors.

That is a whole lot of needs to attend to for your child. :sad: But I believe your state (in general) is one of the best in the nation for both education and Special Education.

Since we men naturally try to “find a fix” rather than empathise :roll: ; I’m compelled to ask if you’ve contacted your regional Intermediate Unit? or Perhaps the [B][U]PA Dept of Education web site for special education[/U][/B]? But you probably know of those. I saw a [B][U]Special Education ConsultLine[/U][/B] listed on the second site. It is for parent concerns.

Slippery Rock University is one of the leaders in Special Education. I don’t know if they have a point of contact for providing resources or advice to teachers or parents… (Both I and my DW are alumni of SRU).

May God be with you,


P.S. I couldn’t figure out all the word that DER stood in for. :?? I don’t think I’ve see it before.

My son has Aspergers Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, and Anxiety. The OCD, ADHD, and Anxiety are pretty much by-products of the Aspergers. Depression too but I think that hasn’t hit my son yet. I really know how you feel. As far as forgetting how to knit, ha ha, I do that all the time but then I haven’t known how to for very long anyway. I have to watch the video every time I want to cast off. I keep forgetting how to do it. :doh: I have a lot of experience casting on. That comes from all my experience with frogging. :teehee:

How old is your son? Does he receive special services?

First off, der is not an acronym… just something I mutter - like D’oh!

We moved to PA specifically for their services. Ohio had alot of resources but we didn’t have access to any of them as we couldn’t afford them. We have an educational advocate here in PA - but as with all things, the process you go through to get the right services is a long one. We’re also in the process of enrolling him in a private school for kids with neuro-developmental issues and learning disabilities. That too, is a long process of interviews, assessments, and the like.

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate you suggestions! :slight_smile: My husband is the same way - he wants to find solutions to problems (he’s a mechanical engineer) while I just need to vent and think aloud. I think men and women compliment each other in that way.

My son is 11 and in the 5th grade, mainstreamed in the public school. He has an IEP and receives special services. He also has a therapist to help with the OCD and anxiety (we pay for that). He doesn’t get nearly as many services as I’d like him to get. He could do so much better if they’d just “throw a little money at him” so to speak. He doesn’t even have an aide in school and he SO needs one. They’re so cheap here and they keep thinking that if they treat him like a regular kid he’ll poof magically turn into one. To that I say “DER”. There are no private schools here for my son. I wish there was! He was turned away from Catholic schools in the very beginning because of the IEP. They didn’t feel they had the staff to accomadate him.

I’ve heard NJ is pretty good with services for children and adults with autism just because of their high rate of autism. There are services available where I live but like you, we just can’t afford them. We do the little we can.

Hope you’re feeling a little better today! :knitting:

Bless your heart! You (and you as well, Craw) are in my prayers. I hope your mind was able to relax a little and get some rest. Stay strong.

:hug: I know what you’re going through! After 6th grade, we decided to move to PA for better services. Our son currently has OT, a personal aide, speech and language therapy (he talks in riddles alot and stutters), emotional support services and has pull-out classes for everything except his specials (gym, art) and science and social studies. With all of this, we’re still not doing terrific. The biggest problem is the social skills. If he felt like he belonged somewhere and wasn’t constantly being bullied, I think his academics would improve. Also, he doesn’t even have 1 friend, so he is extremely lonely. We also go to our local autism resource center for behavioral therapy. But just like the other kids in the group, he isn’t real interested in initiating socialization. It’s kinda an uphill battle right now.

I gave up a terrific job teaching. My hubby gave up a job he LOVED as a mechanical engineer. We put our brand new house (we just built it) up for sale and left Ohio behind. I’m not sorry we did. The services here are heads and shoulders better than where we were. We just haven’t found that magic combination of services and districts yet. But we WILL!