Have we Oooooed and Ahhhhd over these yet?

How cool are these? I apologize if this is a duplicate thread.


OMG this it’s just so pretty i don’t think i could eat it:thud:… ummmmNO i totally can eat a cupcake even one as pretty at that. :teehee:

Those are just amazoning… Thanks for sharing.:thumbsup::yay:

those are so cool, I want some! thanks for sharing.

Wow! How cute is that? :thumbsup:

Wow! :eyes:

I have seen this cake, but not the cupcakes! Those are amazing! I love the little scarves, sweates, WIPs, etc!

Here a link to how they are made…


awesome!!! some people are so creative!

That’s right, it was the cake that I had seen before (also very awesome!) I could definitely eat it, despite how beautiful and lovingly crafted it is, lol. In fact, it makes me hungry AND want to knit!

Those are absolutely incredible! I wish I could make something some beautiful for knitting parties…

:passedout: Oh my God :inlove: Those are just unbelievable !!!

I’ve seen those cupcakes before. They’re so neat!

I want one!! No, I want them all!! :aww:

Those are adorable!! She has more patience than I do! Cute cute cute!