Have any of you tried Chunky Baby Alpaca

OMG! This stuff is sooooooo soft an yummy. I have never felt cashmere (YET) but this stuff is so, so, so soft I can’t imagine cashmere feeling any better!!

Can anyone offer me any pattern ideas for using this weight yarn, please? It’s much chunkier than I thought it would be, size 13 telephone poles, I mean needles :slight_smile:

ETA: Got it Here but the sale is no longer in effect :frowning: but I would buy it again even without the sale price!!! It’s THAT nice…will let you all know how it stacks up to cashmere really soon, thanks to a friend that decided not to use what she had gotten! (Hey, C!!)

I made this scarf with it…it is soooo yummy!

Oh, Julie! That is beautiful!!!

Thanks so much for sharing the pics and pattern too :slight_smile:

I :heart: it, except for the size needles, I have a hard time with big needles, although I suppose I should just shut up get used to them, the projects sure do get done quickly!

Thanks again!

Julie, is Maddie your daughter? She is so adorable!!! Love her new tank too…and everything else I have seen so far in your blog too!!

That’s not my blog! Mine is here. :smiley:

Oops :oops: :blush: Sorry, Julie! I will go check it out now!

Now I am even MORE jealous! I can’t believe you just started in Jan. and you are so advanced already! WTG!!! Love those cables!!!

Going back to see more :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks! I just :heart: knitting! :smiley:

That yarn looks awesome. I think I’d make a sweater if its that soft! I just love having stuff like that next to my skin.