Have A Happy Mother's Day

This is to all the moms in blogdom:
[size=7][/size][color=red]HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY![/color]

:smiley: I’m not in ‘blogdom’ but…Happy Mother’s Day back at ya…it’s been a glorious day :smiley:

Happy Mother’s Day to all. My dh went with me to “find” a yarn shop “Countrywool” that is in the Hudson, NY area. I heard about it on the internet and Claudia the owner was very nice!! If her place was closer I’d go there often. It was about an hour away from where I live. I bought one of her sweater patterns that she designed for a child plus got some skeins of Lamb’s Pride in bright pink to knit my gd a sweater.

My three children have either called or said they will be stopping by later on this afternoon. :heart: So its been a great Mother’s Day so far!! :XX:

I love to go to yarn shops…I just droole over all the yarn. I’m like a kid in a candy store! The sweater sounds like a nice idea, and I love pink!. I was just a knitting fool yesterday. I knit :XX: and knit :XX: and knit :XX:
I finished my neice’s soft pink socks ( I will be posting a picture of them soon in my blog). I also started another pair, using the same pattern in country blue. I coveted the pink ones for myself, until my neice saw them in my knitting bag…and claimed them for her own, oh well. My sister saw them last week and also wanted a pair too! All in all yesterday was a good day, despite the weather. It’s been raining here.