Have a crochet question

I have almost finish ThisSummerSweater. I am about to frog or see if the crocheting the edges will help.

The very last thing I need to do is the crocheting edges.Right now my Sweater is falling off of me. I don 't know if doing the edgeing will help.

Question: The pattern say to :
[COLOR=indigo][SIZE=3][B]Neck edge[/B] With RS facing, join yarn with a sl st at shoulder seam. Using crochet hook, work evenly around neck edge: 1 rnd of 124 sc (working from right to left), then 1 rnd of rsc (working from left to right). Fasten off[/SIZE][/COLOR].

I have not counted but I know I have MORE the 124 sc going all the way around. So when I pick up a sc, I don 't go into every sc but maybe every 3 or 4 sc… That will bring IN the biggness of this sweater.

How about a sc DECREASE~ that would probably help with the saggyness. I can’t explain it very well but its REALLY EASY… go to nexstitch.com or crochetville. org for free video~!

What I get from the directions is that you should only pick up 124 stitches around. This will make a sort of gathered neck opening, then rsc to give it more stability.

Your sweater looks so much bigger than the picture in the pattern. I saw that it has only one size – one-size-fits-all is usually too big! I was thinking that I would like to knit the sweater, but I am sure it would be too big for me. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the microspun yarn.

Try posting to the Crochet Forum I’m sure you’ll get tons of responses there.

What about shortening the shoulder straps? Those look quite long. If the armhole is deep enough, shorter straps would make the Neck a lot higher and smaller.

Also to help space out the 124 sc sts, divide the neck into sections of length, like quarters for example and have 1 quarter of your sts
(31 sts) in each section.