Hats & Scarf set for six kids

Hi everyone.

My brother-in-law and his wife just had their sixth child (all under 7) :shock: and it is getting expensive to purchase Christmas gifts for all these kids. I was thinking that maybe I could make some simple hats and scarves for all them but I wasn’t sure if maybe there were some other ideas that you all may have.

BTW - There are three girls and three boys.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


sheesh i don’t know but you could buy the parents tickets to the movies so they could find something ELSE to do in their spare time! :wink:


have you looked at the stuffed animals? they sound like they are little enough that knitted teddybears and dinosaurs might be cute for some of them! you can find lots of fun patterns though in hats and scarves, i wish my nephews were still young enough i could put them in jester hats!!

We’ve suggested more than tickets to the movies but to put things in perspective, her brother (my sister-in-law’s brother) has 13 kids. They are very religious.

Thanks for your suggestions though!! I think stuffed animals would be great for the little ones. There are two older boys however, that I don’t think would dig a stuffed animal. maybe I can mix and match some gifts.

Thanks again.

Maybe a beanie for the two older boys? Teenage guys seem to like beanies a lot it seems.

I recently made this hat as a birthday present for a friend’s son. Then I knitted a quick scarf. You can see the pics here (see the last few pics). And FYI, I realized at the end that I was short 8 stitches :shock: , so each of the three lines along the top are a couple stitches too short. Anyway, the hat was SOOOOO easy, and everyone :heart: :heart: :heart: the outcome!

omg how big did that hat end up being? i put that on DPNs and the circumfrence was so small i just couldn’t deal with it.

Well I used size 10 circs and a kinda chunky yarn. Maybe that’s why it came out so big. I’ll find out which yarn it was and let you know. But it came out pretty stretchy too. It was actually almost a little too big for my son, which would probably be good for the growth factor though. Overall it was perfect…IMHO :wink:

and how old is your son? i can’t remember what i was using but i know i was using 10s but i think the yarn may have been cotton so there isn’t much give there. hrmm…maybe i will try again cuz i love that hat but swear i wouldn’t have been able to get my fist through the bottom of that hat much less a big ol’ baby head… :thinking:

My son is 2 with what seems to be a relatively large head :rollseyes: Anyway, I used Red Heart Light & Lofty. Hope that helps!

I have this hat on my list to knit for my son.

Skater Boy Hat

I thought it looked like something a boy would consider ‘cool’. Of course I am a mom, so my opinion of cool is skewed! :rollseyes: The site also has a bunch of other free patterns. Here’s their index.


Way down at the bottom they have patterns for children, including things like hacky sack balls and the pocket pets are really cute too.

Ponchos would be super easy and quick for the girls too.