Hats Hats Hats

I’ve made 22 hats so far for the Holidays, they make great gifts. Lots of mittens as well. Here are a few, well maybe more than a few… They include: Biodynamic hat, Chic Knits Super Cup cake, Whitney’s ski Hat, Rainbow Marley; and Norwegian Earflap Hat.

It’s been fun but I gotta admit, I’m a little sick of hats.


Those are great! Which one is the Chic Knits Super Cupcake?

I’ve got 8 hats made, but mine are stash busters for charity. :wink: I just do them when I need to knit, but want something mindless and/or don’t have something in mind yet. I’ll take pix today.

The first and the fourth (blue and blue & white stripped). I love that pattern, the hat itself looks much better on, it’s a “shaker rib” pattern. The pattern has a cowl pattern as well, which I’ve started to go with the first. The hat itself is a cross between a cap and a tam, the band fits like a cap but the crown is fuller to allow for HAIR!

Thanks Ginny! I hate hat hair so I was thinking that maybe something like that would be better. There’s a million free ones, but I like her patterns. :wink:

They look great! That’s a LOT of hats! I’ve have one OTN now for my SIL. Hoping to finish it tonight.

Wow, those are awesome!

These are so cool looking! I love the super cupcake - it almost looks like a bishop’s mitre.

Oh my o my! What a wonderful treasury of hats! Great work!

If you look at the pattern, you will see it modeled. I have very long hair so after Christmas hope to make one for myself. The hat slouches like a tam and holds your hair. it’s a very easy pattern, using the Shaker Rib stitch (which I had never done before) and I’m sure a pattern I will do again and again.

I actually am thinking about using the pattern and modifying it a bit; keeping the band the same but then switching to a straight stitich with a Fair Isle design (I do love my Fair Isle).