Hats for Preemies


It just dawned on me how I’m wasting an hour a day riding back and forth to work on the bus doing absolutely nothing. I decided to bring a small project along to knit and redeem the time. My latest small project is knitting hats for preemies.

I met a nurse in the NICU who told me that the nurses often have to make do with large regular newborn hats for the really tiny babies. She said she feels sorry for them because the hats are so big that they come down over the babies’ eyes and they have a hard time. Here’s my pattern for these hats. They will fit a 1 to 2 pound baby. This is my own pattern based on measurements from Bev’s Country Cottage using the needles that I have available, so feel free to use it and share it. And, YES, the babies really are this tiny. NICU nurses recommend using lighter weight acrylic yarns for these preemies. I used Bernat Baby Sport Weight yarn.

Using #5 circular or double point needles, cast on 44 stitches. If you’re using circulars and magic loop, you’ll put 24 stitches on one needle and 20 on the second. Join the round. Just do a k2,p2 ribbing for 3 1/2 inches. K2 tog all around on each of the following two rows. Cut the yarn, draw the yarn through the remaining loops and fasten off.