Hats for men?

I want to knit 2 different hats. One for my husband which I want to be like a normal winter hat - is it called a stocking hat??? - the kind that comes down to cover the ears and has the cuff and all that. I don’t really want to do fair isle, but variagated (sp) yarn would be cool.

The other one has me a bit stumped… We have a friend who keeps his head bald & I want to make him one of those snug fitting hats that comes above the ears - that’s what he wears - but I don’t know what it’s called.

Any suggestions for patterns for either of these would be appreciated! TIA

I think most any pattern would work fine for a man other than frilly or obviously feminine hats. To make a fold up brim you just make the ribbing longer. The other hat might be called a beanie? :?? I don’t know, but again I think any pattern just made shorter would work.

Hats at KPC
Basic Hat

the knitted hat with no fold up brim is called a beanie, i think all bald guys where them, i have several. a basic pattern for a beanie can be found here. hope that helps, have fun

Here is a beanie from knitty.

Excellent!! TY very much. I didn’t realize the new Knitty was out. :slight_smile: I’m off to pick my projects.