Hats for Cats

So this is sort of a silly request and I don’t expect I’ll find much help, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway. A friend of mine from college wants me to make her cat a hat. My first thought was that sounds like an awfully unpleasant garment for a cat but she insists he’s very comfortable being dressed up. Plus I hope it’d just be put on for a quick photo. Anyway I tried to find patterns and had some success, but not for knitting, only crochet. So I was wondering if anyone either had an idea of how to modify a crochet pattern into knitting, wanted to try inventing a pattern for a cat’s hat, or had any advice for me at all regarding how I might make one lol.

I found this etsy shop that sells crocheted ones and I think the trapper hat and aviator hat are really cute

My cat is very gentle, but she might take my arm off if I tried to get her to wear a hat. lol Anyway, here’s some knitted ones.


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I know lol, no way my cats would be keeping a hat on their head. I did look on ravelry before and liked the Sara Thomas ones with the ear holes but the link to the pattern (her website) no longer works. She has a book that the patterns are written in but I’m not buying a whole book for a cat hat. But maybe if I peruse the internet for a while I can find her patterns elsewhere.

I’ve bought some odd books, but I don’t blame you. I’d try to to find a free or low cost one and alter it if necessary. You could also try the library.

Here’s the book. You can look inside it and see how simple some of them are. And the used books are pretty cheap if you decide to splurge.

The bomber hat is just as cute as can be. I know our pets are tolerant of our whims, even if they don’t really like.

There is one from that book on Ravelry for free. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dinosaur-7
I had the same dilemma, I wanted to make one for my cat, but didn’t need a whole book of them. I used that pattern, minus the dinosaurish spikes.

I think my cats would tear into me if I tried to dress them up.