Hating the M1 in toe of ML socks

I’m using Knit Picks Essential yarn and the stitches are so teeny and you have to M1 twice in every row for the ELfine’s Socks. In the first couple of rows, I really can’t tell where I am making 1. I can’t see anything. I am using a dark colorway, so maybe I should use a lighter or brighter colorway. PLUS, this is the first time I’ve ever tried M1. When I watch the demo videos the yarn is so fluffy and stitches easily visible and there are plenty of rows below it. :wall: :wall: :hair: Maybe I’m destined to never make a toe-up sock! Any sugestions?

You could try any of the other increases shown in the videos except the YO.

I knit in front and back instead of M1 and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. In fact I prefer it because it doesn’t leave a hole. Besides, its a toe and mine are usually inside my shoes anyhow.

I use these when my eyes aren’t cooperating or something is too small (which seems to be more and more things lately).
I call them my reading glasses.

While making my toe up socks (and not following a pattern per se) I asked a question about using Amy’s M1F and M1B increases. My question and the solution can be found here. I doubt it’ll be of much help to you, but I found I could “read” my knitting whenever I did an increase (you know how that works with kids…get up every 2 minutes and then have to remember if you’re on the increase row or the normal knit row when you get back to your knitting…)

If you want, I can take a picture to show you that there are no holes with this combo of m1’s, but remember the part about my kids :stuck_out_tongue: