Hat took two days to knit

This is the garter stitch one size hat I made with the left over yarn from the blue striped sweater in stocking st. :inlove: Grandson loved it. Said “hat”!!! That 's as good as Thanks Grandma! :inlove:

I bought extra buttons in little cars, trains, and planes in reds, blues, greens, and gray to sew onto the cap. The planes are in the solid blue at the very top! And the cars and trains travel around the cap.

That is just so cute!!

Thanks Jan! Sweet of you to say so.

Too cute! :thumbsup: Great job!

Adorable! Both the hat and the grandson!

that is such a cute hat and a cute grandson too!

Oh! That is too cute! And your grandson is adorable.

I love the button idea. So sweet! :cheering:

OOhh, so cute!!!

Can’t wait to be a Grandma!! (well I can, but reeeaaally looking forward to it) Some of my oldest son’s first words were “car”, “truck” “plane” “backloader” Now he’s pulling engines out of old Jaguar’s!!!

Anyway :heart: :heart: :heart: the hat with the transportation buttons!!

yes, being a grandma with twin grandchildren close to home is just the best life i’ve had so far. The kids love the “extra buttons” on the hat too and even other kids at the park and their parents enjoyed them too! Fun to make so many people smile.

Too, too cute…love the addition of the buttons & well, the picture says it all :heart: :smiley:

So cute!!

Your grandson is so adorable!! :inlove:


Here’s my dgs in car/truck sweater incase you didn’t already see it (it goes with the hat. or the hat goes with it!) There are dump truck buttons on the pockets and a cement mixer and a tow truck on the top fronts. They drive along the stripes! And he says “Tractor”! :heart:

What an adorable set! My son would be thrilled with something like that.

Thanks for posting such a great idea! I had never thought of using buttons like that for decoration. Too cute!!! And what a sweet little grandson. :heart: