Hat size for a toddler

What size would I make for a 1 yr old. My perspective is kinda skewed as both my boys were born with a big head and they are still big. I don’t know what size to make a hat for a petite little girl. Does 18 inches sound ok?

All you ever wanted to know about baby sizes:



Lindsey–too funny! My daughter has the same issue, but she comes by it honestly (my head is bigger too and gets stuck in pull over shirts/tops all the time!!!) :rofl: When my daughter was 16 months, her head was about 18.5", which was in the 75% percentile (so she wasn’t obscenely off the charts), if this helps.

Thanks for the site info. Cookworm, my head is large too. A lady at church told me that a dr. told her that head size is determined by the mother. So now I can’t even blame my husband for the painful labors caused by two big-headed babies :wink: . As an infant my youngest was off the chart :shock: . His head is still big but so is the rest of his body. I love my big-headed boys :hug: :heart: :heart: :heart:

:frowning: this doesn’t have head size information…

Nevermind. I found it.

it’s here. http://www.yarnstandards.com/headsize.html

This was a question of mine recently too - although you can find charts (the standards link given to you above is one of the better ones, you know - being Standards :wink: ) many conflict each other and confused me more. Then an employee at MLYS said her son was born with a 19" head (1. ouch; 2. then what do you do for a toddler???).

I made a gift hat for a 1 yr old with the intention to give it later this winter when she’d be like 16 months. So I made a 19" and I’m crossing my fingers - crossing them big-time.

Here’s the related thread with additional sizing resources/links: How-to Questions: Sizing infant/children’s hats

Without having a head measurement, I’d guess in between 18-19", maybe 18.5" to be “safe?” It depends on your pattern though. Some hats will stretch a bit (at most 1/2" ???) and whether you want it snug with stretch or loose to grow into…

This was my first infant/toddler hat though, so I’d take the word of actual knitting parents posted above over my thoughts.

Good luck!!

Okay, so my baby (6mo) has a head that is already 18inches. (mine is 22 so what can I say right?)

I am new to knitting… so I want to get this right… If the yarn says that there are say 4 st per inch, then I would make a hat for my babe by casting on 70st? (rounding to nearest 10)

I have been using Paton Shetland Chunky for a nice warm winter hat and have been using 5.5 needles. I have found that on my other hat, I got 4-5 st per inch… depending on my tension.

Am I on the right track?

Also, if I want to use a different size needle than is suggested on the yarn package I have to do a test swatch (what do you call those?) to see what the sizing works out to?

I’m such a newb!

Umm…Cara…my head is 22½! :oops:

Do I get some sort of big-headed award? :rofl:

Yes, do a swatch. Make sure you do the swatch in the stitch pattern you will be using for the hat.

I just made hats for my nieces. One will be 4 in December and the other is 18 months. I used my DD (who turned 2 yesterday) for sizing on the hat for the 18 month old. I used the Knitty pattern Sugar on Snow for the 4 year old. I made the child/small adult pattern. It is a very very stretchy hat so I think it would fit a variety of sizes.