Hat, Scarf and Mitts!

Here are some pics of some of my FO’s. I finished the HP scarf before Christmas, but only put the fringe on last week. I done it in the round, with similar proportions to the other HP scarves, but thinner and more managable for me :slight_smile:

The mitts I just done using a dk acrylic yarn as a practice of the pattern, however I’m well chuffed and desperate to make more. I used Knitty’s Broad Street Mittens pattern. Oh also have to get a couple of cool butons for these…will have to browse around!

The hat I knit up using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. However I’ve decided it will be accompanied with a matching scarf and gloves using the same stitch pattern and ribbion through the edges. I used this pattern:


Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Very nice! You have lovely hair color too!

Mama Bear

Very pretty!

Great things x 3!

I love the combination of laciness and cables in the hat!

Thanks, had to edit and change my scarf pic, looked way drunk in first photo- all sorted now :slight_smile:

Love em ! Love your freckles, too ! I’m a spotted person, also lol. :smiley:

Very nice!! :cheering: :cheering:

LOVE that hat. Everything is gorgeous! :cheering:

:smiley: Everything looks WONDERFUL :cheering: :cheering:

Thank you everyone. You are all too kind.

esp. reg. freckles Spooky - lol.

where did you find the HP scarf pattern?

Thank you for sharing the hat pattern. That looks like one I’ve been wanting to make. Everything looks great, but I’m especially impressed with the gloves. They are awesome! :thumbsup:

Hi Jackie,

I used this one http://knit.atypically.net/scarves/azkaban/pattern.shtml as a model, but cast on half the amount of stitches, so that it was a nice skinny one. I also only knit till I was running out of wool.

You’re very welocme Rennagayle!! I love this board :slight_smile:

Really beautiful, both the scarf/mittens/hat and the model! :thumbsup:

They all look really cool! Nice one - love the pink gloves =D

Great Job! Wow, those mittens are really bright, I love 'em!

Everything looks fantastic!

Thanks again for all your compliments guys. You know how to make a girl feel good.

Yes the mitts are bright. At least when winter comes round again, I’ll be seen in the dark!