Hat ready for gifting ... with poem and instructions!

You should have seen my friend’s face when she opened the gift … ummm… this is nice, um … a hat … its … um… big …

I brought a felted hat along with me to show her how it would look and let her pick out a flower to pin on it. I found some really great “hat” paper for the felting instructions. Here is the poem…

Your New Hat

Don’t be polite,
You can show your surprise.
This hat is supposed to be,

Using wool that’s been knitted
And your washing machine,
Hot water and agitation make your hat
Fit like a crown for a Queen.

Choose a bad hair day
With plenty of time
It could take over an hour
Or felt on a dime.

Try on your wet hat,
Checking for “perfect fit.”
Follow these instructions
And that’s what you’ll get!

It may seem impossible.
But, soon you will see,
A hat that fits perfect.
For You … From Me!

That is so cool!! What a great idea!

Wow!! That is fantastic!! Did you come up with that poem yourself?? What a great gift!! :cheering:

I love that idea to give the poem with the object. Thanks for posting that before! So, was she excited about the hat after she knew it was going to be smaller to fit her head?

Yes, I wrote the poem :slight_smile: There is also a version for slippers/clogs ! I posted it before over on Pattern Central. YES, she loved the hat and can’t wait to felt it. We are in Florida but she goes to Nebraska for Christmas and it is cold there. Plus, she is someone who will find a cool way to display the hat and not just stuff it in a closet. I choose my “recievees” carefully !

What a great idea love the poem :happydance:

VERY cool!!

What a great idea! I love the poem (and the hat!)

That is just so cool, what a wonderful idea :thumbsup:

AAAaaaawwww that’s so sweet. :heart: