Hat pattern

So everytime I knit a hat the pattern calls for me to knit in a stockinette stitch so I do but then when it is time for the decrease i have to knit it so when I am done with the pattern the hat looks weird because I did SS then regular knit. How do I avoid it from looking like this? Is there a pattern that calls for just reg knitting or a different way of decreasing so it doesn’t end up looking bad?? please help

or am I doing the Stockinette stitch wrong? It means knit one row then purl the next??

The stockinette stitch is:

Flat Knitting: Knit one row, Purl one row

Circular Knitting: (which I assume you are doing if you are knitting a hat) Knit every row.

If this doesnt fix the prob. come back and tell us.

yes it is circular but it says to stockinette stitch I am confused so it is different if it is circular

When knitting in the round, in a circle, stockinette stitch is knit every row. The reason it’s different than knitting flat is that in the round you’re always working on the right side, the knit side, and don’t work the back or wrong side at all. The back of a knit is a purl, the back of a purl is a knit.

Still need more info as in my first post…

If you are ribbing the bottom you need a multiple of 2 for 1x1 rib, a multiple of 4 for 2x2 rib. How many you cast on depends in part on the yarn you are using. If it’s bulky you need less stitches, if it’s lighter weight like sport you need more stitches, etc. For a baby hat it’s less, for an adult it’s more.

66 seems like an odd number for a cast on since it’s not evenly divisible… is it? I’m rather math challenged, but I don’t see how you could decrease easily for the top w/o increasing or decreasing before you start… I usually try to make hats in a multiple of 10 (60, 70, 80…) or another number that makes figuring the decrease section easy.

66 is a multiple of 11 or 6, so the decs could start at k9, k2tog and that would work for a gradual dec. Or dec on every round (next row k8, k2tog then k7, k2tog, etc),

Doh! :doh: You’re right! Well, I did say I was math challenged. :lol: