Hat pattern

I am trying to knit a hat for my husband. I have made two so far and they are much better suited to fit my three year old then my husband. Soooo I am not sure what to do.

I changed needles and am knitting this on on size 12.75 needles circular (its what was free atm). How can I figure out what is enough cast on to get the right size? I have cast on 72 right now.
Anyone have any suggestions?


You just need to do a little math! :smiley:

Knit a gauge swatch and figure out how many stitches per inch you’re knitting…for example, if your DH’s head is 24 inches around, you should make the hat a few inches less than that around. If you’re knitting 4 stitches per inch, and you want to make it, say, 22 inches around, you would cast on 88 stitches.

Thanks much!!

Eiline…Hi! This is the basic hat pattern that I use for all hats :smiley: I have it printed & in one of my knitting notebooks :smiley:


might you have a pattern for a stocking cap ala Night Before Christmas???

I was looking and looking, and to no avail…I think I need to MAKE these patterns…I have em in my head for what I want…but can’t find the patterns anywhere…sigh…

actually there is one on knittingpatterncentral.com listed as “long stocking cap.”

here is the link to the actual pattern. http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/hatlongstockingcap.htm

:smiley: I was going for the same one :wink:

lol…it isn’t the one i used, mine came from holiday knits but i gotta say…as much as i love the look of that hat and thought i would want to make 20 of them with funky colors…i ended up hating that pattern because it took FOREVER to get done for some reason. i think my problem with it is i had gotten use to hats that took me a day (and that includes working time! ;)) to finish and that one took me nearly a week. blah! i need instant gratification ya know…lol

that’s the one I am working off of…

I’m doing it flat however…and doing the decreases at the same rate they are…I just don’t want to mess with DPN’s right now…as I will be doing socks shortly.

I did find this pattern tho…if I wanted to make the tail longer, I’d just add more regular knit rows before the decreases?