So, my dilemna is this. I’m looking for an easy hat pattern that does not require circle needles. The only one that I have ever seen is from a Klutz book–it has you follow a pattern and then sew up the side. However, i can’t seem to get a hold of that particular pattern, so I’m stuck. I’ve never made anything more difficult than a flat piece, but I am quite familiar with decreasing and increasing.

Thanks in advance!

Here is a baby hat from Knitty Gritty. i have not made it yet but it is in my “to make” pile. hope this helps.


Most people prefer hats w/o seams so that is why two needle hats are hard to find. Here’s one -

Try this one from Coats and Clark. It has all sizes from Infant to Adult and is knitted flat. Gotcha Covered #1

You’ll need Adobe Reader to view and download the pattern since it is in .pdf format.

I have a book with 2 needle hats for toddler to young teen sizes. I only have size 1 circs right now for socks, so these are the only hats I can do.

I was going to suggest http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/Accessories/LW1268+Gotcha+Covered+1.htm – but yarnrainbow beat me to it:) . This is a great, great hat pattern, and not only does it have every size, it has every yarn weight.

THIS PATTERN WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Jk. It is easy though. Enjoy!

It’s a nice two needle hat, but I think life changing is a bit of a stretch. :wink:

Hi, I’m a new member. Restarted knitting recently after a 20-some year absence. Now I’m teaching my daughter-in-law to knit and she needed a nice, easy hat to go with the several scarves she’s made this week. We’re excited to try one of these patterns. Thanks!:happydance:

Several scarves in one WEEK? I’m impressed. I hate scarves (easily bored and I don’t know how anyone can stand to wear them - I love a breeze on my neck).
Might I ask why you don’t want a circular pattern? Do you dislike it, not own circular needles or dpns, or just trying to get more comfortable knitting flat before you try?
Another thing to note: depending on the pattern, if you see a pattern you like that is written in the round, I or someone else on here might be able to rewrite it for knitting flat (I’ve gone the other way a couple of times, knitting things in the round that are written flat, so I should be able to handle the transfer).
Try www.headhuggers.com . I believe the flame hat is written to be worked flat, so if you just ignore the intarsia and work straight for that many rows, you should be good.

Here are some more:
Super Bulky Cabled Hat
Simple Ribbed Hat
Chunky Ribbed Hat
Shaker Rib Hat
Shark Hat
4 Cable Hat
Stretchy Knit Hat
Lace Elegance Hat
Terrific Turtle Hat
Lion Suede Hat with Pom Pom
Bobble Hat with Ear Flaps
Raleigh Hills Cabled Hat

I’m a new knitter and I wanted to make my 2 month old a pumpkin hat for Halloween. Knitting stores (and therefore needles) are hard to come by on Maui so I didn’t have the circular needles required for the pattern.

I used my straight needles and followed the stitch count and decreases for the hat I made and just flipped at the “end” of each row. When I knit enough rows to make the hat long enough I just bound off and sewed the hat together using mattress stitch. There was still a seam but it was minimal.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I prefer knitting in the round as well, but decided to see what hat patterns I could find that are knit on straights.

For anyone wanting baby hats, this is pretty, and has instructions for both 2 needles and double points -

Here’s another cute one knitted with 2 needles, but there’s a link in it to a version knit in the round -

I have to agree, this pattern was great. It actually was the first hat I ever knit. But I will warn you that if you’re anything like me, you will want to learn circular knitting after knitting this hat simply to save yourself from sewing the sides. Personally I hate that and upon learning the circular knitting it seemed so much easier.

Count me in as one of those who prefers hats in the round. That said, yesterday I made Urchin from Knitty (it’s a beret). It is not knit in the round, but rather wedges that are knit with short rows and then grafted together at the end. It was a very quick and ingenious pattern. It is in garter stitch so you don’t even need to knit the wraps with sts on the final row.


Yes, a breeze around th neck is nice, but a wind-chill of 30 below doesn’t exactly qualify as a breeze in my eyes. :wink:

Alright alright. At 30 below I wear a fleece gator and a high necked jacket.

Here is another one you should check out, I can’t wait to start one of these for my DDIL, it’s VERY different, and just think of the possibilities in the combining of yarn colors.